Anthropology Faculty | Department of Anthropology | The University of Vermont(title)

Department Faculty

Luis Vivanco

Chair of the Anthropology Department • Professor

Cultural and environmental anthropology, development and social movements, knowledge, science and technology, cultures of mobility, tourism, ethnographic methods; Latin America. (802) 656-1184

Katie Bailey


Biological anthropology, primatology, locomotion, palynology. (802) 656-5058

Deborah Blom

Associate Professor

Archaeology, osteology, ethnicity, body adornment, social complexity; Andean South America. (802) 656-2932

Thomas Brasdefer


Critical Language Policy, Existentialism, Indigeneity, Site Ontology, Non-Representational Theory, Geopolitics, Social Theory, Radicalism (802) 656-3884

Marieka Brouwer Burg

Assistant Professor • Co-Director, Digital Anthropology Laboratory

Landscape and environmental archaeology; Hunter-gatherers; GIS and geospatial modeling; Paleoenvironment/Paleoclimate; Ancient Mesoamerica; European Mesolithic (802) 656-0837

John Gordon Crock

Associate Professor • Director of Consulting Archaeology Program

Archaeology of eastern North America; archaeology of the Circum-Caribbean; heritage management (802) 656-4310

Jennifer Dickinson

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Student Success • Associate Professor

Linguistic anthropology; material culture and museum anthropology; economic anthropology; Sign Languages; advertising and media; Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Transcarpathia. (802) 656-0903

Kirk Dombrowski

Vice President for Research and Economic Development • Professor of Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology, health disparities, substance abuse, public health, religion, politics, native rights, community-engaged research and interdisciplinary methods integrating social, health, and computer sciences. North America and Native Alaska. (802) 656-2918

Jorge Garcia

Research Assistant Professor

Archaeology, Biochemistry. Historical Ecology, Forensic Anthropology, Participatory Archaeology, Cultural Resources Management, and Regulatory Archaeology. Mobility, and dietary reconstructions through stable isotope analysis. (802) 656-4310

Ellen Kozelka

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Psychological and Medical Anthropology, Global Mental Health, Ethnographic Methods, Social Determinants of Health, Migration and Health, Moral Experience, Social Justice and Health Equity, Religious Healing, US - México Border Zone

Teresa Mares

Associate Professor

Latino/a migration in the United States, food security, sustainable food systems, and food movements. (802) 656-5706

Jeanne Shea

Associate Professor

Sociocultural anthropology; medical and psychological anthropology; cultural aspects of health, healing, and health care; global health; aging societies and social change; aging in family and community context, productive aging, caregiving; research design and methods; China, North America. (802) 656-3181

Scott Van Keuren

Associate Professor

North American archaeology; ancient societies of the US Southwest; ceramic decoration and technology; materiality; ritual; preservation archaeology. (802) 656-5058

Emeritus Faculty

Robert J. Gordon

Professor, Emeriti

Cultural Anthropology, former African hunter-gatherers, Colonialism, Law, Disorder,  Social Justice, Southern Africa, Papua New Guinea

William A. Haviland

Professor Emeritus

Archaeology, Ethnography, Ethnohistory and Physical Anthropology

Carroll McLure Lewin

Associate Professor Emerita (1942-2022)

Cultural Anthropology, Gender, marriage, and feminist anthropology. Museum anthropology. Holocaust Studies. Middle East.

Marjory W. Power

Associate Professor Emerita (1930-2003)

Archaeology, Mississippian societies in U.S. Midwest, Vermont/Abenaki archaeology

Affiliates and Visiting Scholars


Francis "Jess" Robinson
Lecturer -Vermont's State Archaeologist
Vermont's Precontact and Historic Past; Ritual and Ceremony; Long-Distance Interaction and Exchange; Ritual Economy; Mortuary Studies; Hunter-Gatherer Studies; the far Northeast.