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In partnering with Handshake, we've made an intentional choice to join the effort to Democratize opportunity. That means providing "equal access to meaningful careers" to ALL students - read more about Handshake's inspiring mission.

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Easily find the best jobs and internships for you.

Handshake's job recommendations are curated based on your personal interests, skills, major, location preferences and search history. It has powerful tools and alerts to help stay on top of opportunities you want to pursue. The mobile app allows you to easily follow employers and opportunities, register for events, and submit applications on-the-go.

Show off your best self to employers.

1 in 3 students on the Handshake network are directly recruited by employers through the platform. Quickly build out a rich profile that helps you stand out when employers search for students. Resume upload, tips, prompts and examples make it easy.

Access services and resources from the Career Center.

  • Pick your interest group(s) for even more personalized recommendations
  • Discover and register for events
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request an online resume or cover letter review
  • Use the mobile app during career fairs to locate employers and see what opportunities are available

Connect with a knowledge community both on and off campus.

Students and alums across the entire Handshake network contribute employer reviews, ask and answer industry and employer-specific questions, and share their profiles to create a wide network of insight and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Handshake?

  • Current and incoming UVM students: You already have an account set up - just log in with your UVM NetID and password.
    • All students have access to Handshake's job and internship postings; there are restrictions on access to some Career Center services like appointments and doc reviews based on your affiliation with UVM. 
  • UVM graduates: 
    • Recent alums will retain access to their existing Handshake accounts.  We advise that you contact us to update your email address if you plan on using something other than your UVM email.
    • Alums without an existing Handshake account can sign up and request to connect to UVM. Please email career@uvm.edu with your year of graduation, major, and the name you went by when enrolled (if different than name you're requesting an account under).
  • Current UVM faculty/staff:
    • If you'd like to get a student's view of what Handshake has to offer, you may sign up for a "student/alumni" account. Please email career@uvm.edu from your UVM account so we can approve your request and label your account appropriately.  If you're an alum as well, please let us know.
    • If you're a collaborating partner or would like to post career-related opportunities in Handshake, please fill out this form so we can determine the best type of account to meet your needs. 

A note for all users: by activating a Handshake account you are agreeing to our Handshake User Agreement.

How should I assess opportunities on Handshake?

The University of Vermont supports career development by sharing job and internship opportunities. Shared position announcements are not necessarily evaluated or endorsed by the University; exercise caution and common sense when considering them. Below are some tips for assessing positions:

First, ensure that it's not a scam. Some scammers create fraudulent positions in an attempt to gain personal information. Be especially wary of positions that have the following:

  • Monetary requests or promises: For example, requests for your credit card/bank numbers, financial documentation, investment of money, transfer of funds, or promises of quick and easy money.
  • Incomplete, inconsistent, or unprofessional information such as a lack of information on the company’s website or unclear position responsibilities. Other red flags are if the address/phone number/email are missing from the company website, the contact person does not seem to be connected to the actual organization, or the contact uses a free access email account (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo) instead of the company’s web domain.

Once you establish that this is not a scam, do your research to ensure a good fit and that you have enough information to make a decision.

Company Reputation: What are others’ experiences of working at/with this company? Check:

  • Glassdoor: Company reviews and employee feedback
  • Better Business Bureau: Fraud reports and business practice complaints
  • LinkedIn: Contact UVM alums who have worked there and can provide a more personal perspective
  • Google: Search for the company name plus “scam” to see if there are reports of unethical practices
  • International Internship Reviews on GoOverseas or GoAbroad.com: International internship programs can have high costs and vary wildly in quality.

Compensation: Research or ask if the position is commission-based, rather than a guaranteed salary. This is often the case with sales positions. If the posting states high average sales, ask for local data or to speak with a past or current employee. Clarify the time commitment/income ratio to assess the fit with your availability and expectations.

Costs: Some positions require upfront start-up or training cost. Know explicitly what these are and what they cover prior to agreeing to take the position. If information is not clearly presented, be wary.

Trust your gut: If anything about the position seems odd, pause and get more information. Ask the employer clarifying questions, and be wary if the employer withholds important information. You should also discuss concerns with friends/family or UVM Career Center staff. An outside perspective can often help you decide if a position is a good fit for you.

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