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Exposure to different orgs and experiences will help you develop your skills, refine your interests, and build a network that can help launch your career. Whether you volunteer, shadow, work, do undergrad research, or shadow professionals - the experience is invaluable!

Find Part-Time and Summer Work

Part-time and seasonal employment offer another opportunity to develop your skills and gain hands on experience.


Giving back to the community by volunteering with a health-related organization is a great way to gain hands-on experience. 

  • Join a student club active in serving others. 
  • Volunteer at the UVM Medical Center and check out their free training programs. 
  • Explore Burlington’s social service and health-related non-profit organizations, clinics and assisted living centers for volunteer possibilities. 

Learn by Doing

Training programs, undergraduate research, and job shadowing opportunities are also great ways to connect with professionals, learn more about the field, and build your skills.

  • Consult UVM’s Office of Fellowships Opportunities and Undergraduate Research (FOUR) to discover unique experiential learning opportunities, including biomedical and clinical research with UVM faculty, the Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Enhancement Program (PEP), Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) internships, and learn how to prepare for application to Fellowship programs that can help fund impactful post-graduation (“growth year”) experiences.
  • Set up a job shadow with a UVM alum or local provider. Find alums on UVM Connect and LinkedIn, or consult professional organizations for help finding local professionals.
  • Participate in the UVM Medical Center’s free training programs. 
  • Visit the hands-on experience page of our pre-med website for more ideas.

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