Study: For Rural States, Gardening Helped Prevent Hunger During COVID

A person plants corn seedlings

New research on rural New Englanders shows that gardening, hunting, fishing and other HWFP activities are important tools for maintaining food security through extreme events, such as pandemics or climate change events. 

University of Vermont and University of Maine researchers found that both food insecurity and home and wild food production (HWFP) – gardening, hunting, fishing,...

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Restoring Northern Flint Corn for Indigenous Communities

Northern flint corn is a species of corn grown by indigenous communities and tribes across the northern part of the U.S. Unfortunately, this unique and culturally significant crop has been diminished due to factors such as colonization and the resulting decline in indigenous populations and traditions. Other factors such as climate change also threaten the future of northern flint corns.

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Mark Canella and Mark Isselhardt outside the Proctor Maple Research Center Building

Measuring the Sustainability of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup conveys an image of healthy forests and a sustainable product made by farmers stewarding the land. Yet, there is little data available about how sustainable the industry is.  

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