Visitors in 1934 Viewing Morgan Horse

Visitors in 1934 viewing a Morgan Horse

Since 1878, Morgan horses have called this place home.

Morgan Horse Farm Timeline:

Colonel Joseph Battell commissions the Weybridge Stock Farm in 1878

To house his collection of the era's finest Morgans. Colonel Battell’s passion for preserving the Morgan breed led him to publish the first few volumes of the Morgan horse registry, saving the breed from extinction.

1907 it became the US Government Morgan Farm,

A cavalry remount station. Under the USDA, the Government Morgan Farm bred Morgans until the 50’s as cavalry mounts. Government Morgans are known as one of the 4 families of Morgans and are regarded as substantial in bone and superbly athletic.

University of Vermont becomes the farm’s steward in 1951.

Under the Direction of Dr. Donald J. Balch, the UVM Morgan herd becomes one of the highest regarded herd of Morgans known for conformity in type, confirmation, and athleticism.

Today the over 40 Morgan horses that call the UVM Morgan Horse Farm home are decedents of Colonel Battell’s herd and live in the same historic home of their ancestors.

Open to the public, visitors are welcome to visit the farm and learn about this special place through guided tours between May and October.

Come visit our living history.