Meet UVM Fern- the 2024 Raffle Morgan

(Canon x UVM Bernoulli)

UVM Fern is a 2023 filly by Canon and out of UVM Bernoulli. She is exceptionally sweet young lady who has a powerful drive and beautiful head.

Each year we raffle a UVM Morgan to the public as a promotional tool and fundraiser for the UVM Morgan Horse Farm operations. Tickets are $20 for a book of 10 tickets, and a single ticket is $5. The drawing will be October 26, 2024.

We always draw five tickets and heavily vet the winner to ensure veterinarian, farrier, trainer, and stable references; and make sure it is a good fit- the same process as when selling a horse.

Raffle Tickets can be purchased in person or over the phone, 802-388-2011. Single tickets are $5 and a book of 10 tickets is $20. Drawing is October 28th.
Good luck!

Program Facts and History:

Since the early 1970's, the UVM Morgan Horse Farm has raffled a foal or young horse to the public as a promotional and educational program. How does the raffle work? Every year we draw five tickets. We call the name on the first ticket and begin the screening process to vet the winner for appropriate placement. After satisfactory reference checks, the winner will be announced. This process can take a couple weeks. 

The raffle program generates significant revenue for the Morgan Horse Farm, and directly supports its operations. 

A unique program designed to promote the farm and the Morgan breed.

Raffle foals have been won by people from all over the USA, and as far aways as England! Tickets are sold all year and the winner will be drawn at the Day of the Morgan & Foal Raffle open house, held this year on Saturday, October 26, 2024.