UVM Dover- the 2021 Raffle Colt- has settled into live in sunny Arizona.

(UVM Willoughby x UVM Halcyon)

Congratulations to Lori on winning the 2021 Raffle Colt!


Program History:

Since the early 1970's, the UVM Morgan Horse Farm has raffled a foal to the public as a promotional and educational program. UVM Dover is this year's raffle colt, shown left.  

Thank you for your support!

A unique program designed to promote the farm and the Morgan breed.

Raffle foals have been won by people from all over the USA, and as far aways as England! Tickets are sold all year and the winner will be drawn at the Day of the Morgan & Foal Raffle open house,  held this year on Saturday, October 29, 2022. The 2022 Raffle Foal has not been born yet, stay tuned for more updates!