Continuing the legacy of exceptional Morgan horses, the UVM Morgan Horse Farm proudly offers these stallions to the public

UVM Abington

(UVM Promise x UVM Nightstar)

UVM Abington is the son of multi-titled World Champion UVM Promise and is the quintessential tractable and beautiful Morgan stallion.

UVM Equity

(UVM Lash x UVM Mystic)

A grandson of UVM Flash and son of UVM Lash, UVM Equity is bold, expressive, and extremely typey.

UVM Jubilant

(UVM Lash x UVM Mystic)

A product of the historic “UVM Lash x UVM Mystic” cross, UVM Jubilant stamps his offspring with his athleticism, beauty, and enthusiastic disposition.

UVM Unchallenged

(MEM Bailamos x UVM Oneida)

By MEM Bailamos GCH, out of a UVM Abington daughter, UVM Unchallenged gives height and a natural athleticism to his offspring.

If you are interested in our reporduction services, or would like to book to a UVM stallion, please contact us. 

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Morgan mare plays with her foal

Equine Reproduction Workshop

Learn the art and science of equine reproduction through two days of lectures and hands-on demonstrations. From the ethics of breeding, mare and stallion management, breeding techniques & training methods, to foaling and neonatal care, this workshop is a thorough education and valuable experience.

All levels of experience welcome.

Lectures, procedures, and techniques taught by experts from:

  • The Miner Institute
  • Balanced Rhythms, Inc.
  • Meadowbrook Equine
  • UVM Animal Science Department
  • UVM Morgan Horse Farm