Marketing Concentration | Grossman School of Business | The University of Vermont(title)

Our students work to develop an understanding of the many ways marketers deliver value through a variety of techniques and tactics based on their understanding of consumers' needs and wants in today's complex marketplace.

Marketing is about offering customer value. It includes a diverse set of activities, people, and processes involved in creating, managing, promoting and distributing products. There are many elements of making the value creation process work including advertising, sales promotions and digital communications, branding and design, supply chains and distribution, and marketing research and data analysis. As part of the undergraduate program at the Grossman School of Business, students in the marketing concentration explore marketing through coursework, experiential projects, case competition participation, internships and extracurricular opportunities.

Concentration Courses

Required Course
  • BUS 3510 – Marketing Research
Course Options
  • BUS 3530 – Consumer Behavior
  • BUS 3555 – Marketing Communications
  • BUS 3556 – Product Management
  • BUS 3350 – Digital Marketing
  • BUS 3560 – Retail Management
  • BUS 3580 – D2: International Market Analysis
  • BUS 3590 – Sustainable Marketing

Marketing Faculty

Amy M. Tomas, Ph.D.

Director of Undergraduate Programs, Senior Lecturer

Srini Venugopal, Ph.D.

Associate Professor • Academic Director, Sustainable Innovation MBA Program