Scholarship Information

  • Vermont resident students are eligible to compete for a MAcc Director Academic Merit Scholarship of $2,000. The scholarships partially offset the tuition charges during the final semester in the program. These scholarships reward exceptional academic performance during the first 15 credit hours of MAcc graduate coursework and are awarded based upon the student’s MAcc GPA at the end of the student’s first semester. 
  • Vermont non-resident students may be offered up to $17,500 (no more than $8,750 per semester) through the MAcc Director Academic Merit Scholarships. The initial award is based on GPA, professional promise, GMAT, and TOEFL where applicable. Continuing awards are based on maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher during the last semester of study.
  • Students with significant financial need may receive limited funds from the Graduate College. Please contact the MAcc Director for more information about these scholarships.
  • Limited external scholarships and awards are available to graduate students. Those seeking external funding are encouraged to visit the AICPA’s This Way to CPA website for information about AICPA and other scholarship opportunities.
  • Resident and nonresident students are encouraged to apply to the MAcc Director for consideration as a graduate student employee within the Grossman School of Business. MAcc students are assigned to one or two faculty members for up to five hours per week per faculty member. Duties include grading and research assistance. Students are compensated for the hours worked each week.

Additional information about graduate student financial aid.


Tuition and fees are charged by the credit hour. Graduate students are considered full-time when enrolled in 9 credit hours. The following summary of Vermont resident and non-resident tuition and fees is based on the more detailed content found here. Domestic students generally enroll in 15 credit hours per semester, international and domestic students taking two years to complete the program may take fewer credits hours per semester. [International students can only take less than nine credits in a semester in the last semester to complete the program.]

The University’s Student Financial Services provides the following information on Graduate student tuition and fees for 2020-2021:

View residency policy information on the UVM Registrar's website



Vermont Resident Students


Non-Vermont Resident Students
Number of credit hours per semesterUVM Health Center FeeTuitionComprehensive FeeGraduate Student Senate FeeTotalTuitionComprehensive FeeGraduate Student Senate FeeTotal
3 $2,049$30$7$2,086$3,900$30$7$3,937
6$371.50 if UVM SHIP purchased$4,098$576$10$4,684$7,800$576$10$8,386
9Included in comprehensive fee$6,147$1,173Included$7,320$11,700$1,173Included$12,873
12Included in comprehensive fee$8,196$1,173Included$9,369$15,600$1,173Included$16,773
15Included in comprehensive fee$10,245$1,173Included$11,418$19,500$1,173Included$20,673

A Note about Tuition

Students accepted into an Accelerated Master program will continue to pay the standard undergraduate tuition rate until they have completed their undergraduate degree.