University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Business School Hosts Etiquette Dinner

Students participate in the Etiquette Dinner

According to etiquette expert Emily Post,"Etiquette is not some rigid code of manners, it’s simply how person’s lives touch one another”

Sixty business students put their dining skills to the test during the annual Business School Etiquette Dinner.  The four-course meal, which was sponsored by the School of Business Administration, was hosted by Anna Post, of the Emily Post Institute.

“I learned that it’s ok to have your elbows on the table,” said Anna Bassford, a senior Business School student.  “I believe it’s important to learn these skills so you can better focus on the subject at hand, which just like Anna Post said, is building a relationship with your coworker or client, not remembering which fork to use.”

The dinner focused on more than table manners, students also learned key interview, business and social media etiquette tips.

“In my experience, having good manners, which translates to being respectful towards the people around you won’t necessarily be the deciding factor in getting a job,” said Sue Schlom, career and professional development advisor at the School of Business Administration.  “However, bad table manners or disrespectful behavior can certainly cost you one.  The biggest takeaway for me is that if you are comfortable at a business meal, you can relax and focus your attention on the host and guests.”