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The marketing courses offered at the School of Business Administration combine analytical concepts as well as creative concepts that are important to competing in the global economy.

Careers in Marketing

Graduates of UVM's Marketing concentration currently work in the following areas of the business world: consulting, advertising, public relations, product management, client management, retail, sales and market research. Learn more about careers and our alumni.

Marketing Faculty

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Why is marketing important in the business world?

Marketing is so very crucial in the business world because it's the process of attracting and satisfying customers.

There are a vast number of areas in business and in not-for-profit organizations where a knowledge of marketing is essential. They range in complexity from managing a small retail firm to being involved in the management of physical distribution systems.

What kind of people are successful marketers?

Marketing opportunities demand individuals who are able to engage in analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs in a dynamic and often unstructured environment. Marketing demands people who are creative and who can combine their knowledge with hard work and the willingness to ask "what if" questions.

Concentration courses/requirements

The introductory course, BSAD 150, Marketing Management, gives you an idea of what the field of marketing is about and should be taken during the junior year. In the senior year a student takes Marketing Research (BSAD 251) and chooses 9 additional credits in upper level courses to form a concentration.

While most marketing students will select their 12 credits from the concentration list below, the breadth of marketing is such that students can take courses elsewhere in the School of Business Administration or the university as a part of the concentration. Whatever path for completing the concentration, the set of courses must be selected with the consultation and approval of a faculty advisor.

  • BSAD 251 - Marketing Research
Plus three courses in*:
  • BSAD 153 - Consumer Behavior
  • BSAD 155 - Marketing Communications
  • BSAD 156 - Product Management
  • BSAD 165 - Marketing Analysis and Action
  • BSAD 252** - Marketing Research Practicum
  • BSAD 256 - Retail Management
  • BSAD 258 - International Market Analysis

*Occasionally special advanced topics in Marketing may be offered under the course numbers BSAD 195, 196 or 295.

**The Marketing Research Practicum (BSAD 252) allows students to perform a signficant marketing research project for a local business. Electives and Concentration Courses chosen outside of this list depend on the interests of the student. For students interested in marketing research there are courses in statistics; for those interested in physical distribution, there are courses in production; for those interested in international marketing, there are courses in Political Science, Economics, and Geography. Alternatively, a student might combine UVM concentration courses with a study abroad experience. Check with a member of the Marketing Faculty if any of these options interest you.

Read general requirements from the UVM Catalogue.

All students must have any exception to the above concentration courses approved by a faculty advisor in Marketing.

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