University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Information on Electives

In addition to specific curriculum requirements, students need free electives to reach the 120 credits required for graduation. Most UVM courses can be used for elective credit. There are some courses that are not permitted.

Basic policies

  • You will not earn credit for courses that are assumed prerequisite knowledge for a course already completed. For example, you will not receive credit for FREN 001 after FREN 002.

  • Math has very specific policies on course sequencing and credit. For example, you cannot receive credit for MATH 021 after MATH 019 unless you also take MATH 022. If you take math courses out of the normal sequence refer to the catalogue or check with student services.

  • You will not earn credit for a course that substantially duplicates material in courses offered in Business Administration or in other previously completed courses.
    • You will not receive credit for both CS 014 and BSAD 142.
    • You will not receive credit for both EC 170 and STAT 141.
    • You can only earn credit for one PHIL 010 course.
    • Credit cannot be received for CS 042.

  • PEAC credits cannot be used towards the 120 credits required for graduation. Please note: this policy may vary among the academic units. This applies to courses, intramural, club, and division 1 sports.

  • You will not earn credit for the same material twice.

  • Students are allowed to earn up to 6 elective credits for an Internship. See CDAE 296.

  • Some CDAE courses are restricted. Please see list below.

CDAE restricted courses

CDAE 127 Consumers, Markets and Public Policy
Credit cannot be earned for both CDAE 127 and BSAD 153

CDAE 128 The Consumer and Advertising
Credit cannot be earned for both CDAE 128 and BSAD 155

CDAE 158 Consumer Law and Policy
Elective credit only

CDAE 166 Intro to Agricultural and Resource Entrepreneurship
Elective credit or towards Entrepreneurship Concentration (only if taken in the junior year). It cannot be used for other concentrations.

CDAE 167 Financial Management for Agric. & Resource Entrepreneurship
Elective credit only

CDAE 168 Marketing for Agric. & Resource Entrepreneurship
Can receive credit only if taken before BSAD 150

CDAE 264 Risk Analysis and Forecasting Procedures
Elective Credit only

CDAE 266 Decision Making for Agric. & Resource Entrepreneurship
No credit allowed

CDAE 267 Strategic Planning for Agricultural and Resource Entrepreneurship
Allowed to count for the Entrepreneurship Concentration only

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