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FERC LogoThe Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC) is dedicated to developing a community of scholars interested in conducting research into understanding family firms and creating usable knowledge in this field.

Co-founded by Mark Green and Pramodita Sharma, the goal of this conference is to enable scholars to design and develop research projects that are theoretically sound, empirically accurate, and of practical significance to family firms.

We strive to ensure that this conference:

  • Helps build a global community of scholars interested in Family Enterprise Research
  • Is held annually
  • Is reasonably priced
  • Is rigorous in its standards and developmental in its tone and culture

2015 - The 11th Annual FERC

The 2015 Family Enterprise Research Conference will be held from June 4-7 in Burlington, Vermont at the Hilton Burlington.


"FERC is definitely one of the most inspiring conferences I know. The feedback, provided in the doctoral consortium as well as during the main conference, is always constructive and most helpful. Furthermore, FERC is a great opportunity to network. Personally, I have met several scholars at FERC, which later became co-authors on joint projects."

Dr. Nadine Kammerlander, Center for Family Business,
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

"FERC is a very democratic forum where you can meet a community of passionate and serious family business scholars and have fruitful discussions about research ideas in a very collegial spirit. It offers a great opportunity for constructive feedback, for networking and for getting in touch with practitioners and family business owners as well. It is one of the family business conferences that I always try to attend."

Alfredo De Massis, Director of the Centre for Family Business, IEED, Lancaster University Management School, U.K.

"FERC was crucial for my career development. It gave me the opportunity to interact and create strong bonds with many top family business scholars, initiate new research projects with FERC participants, and get great valuable feedback about my work from many colleagues. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment of FERC enable all of us to gain a lot both from a professional and personal point of view. Thank you all for organizing this event year by year."

Francesco Chirico, PhD Associate Professor, Jonkoping International Business School, Center for Family Enterprise and Ownership - CeFEO, Jonkoping, Sweden

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