University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Operations Management

BSAD 173, 2016 SP

Class Type: Lecture
Credits: 3

Course Overview:

Study of the design, management and improvement of the activities that create and deliver a firm's products and prices.


Prereq: MATH 020 or MATH 021, STAT 141, BSAD 060 BSAD, CSIS, EMGT majors or BSAD minors only; Minimum Junior standing; Required course specific fee of $20; Degree students only even after level restrictions removed; CDE students register for BSAD 173 ZRA.

Section Schedule for SP2016:
  • Hung Do, Ph.D. - Section: A
    Meets: V207 Votey 13:15-14:30 TR.
  • Hung Do, Ph.D. - Section: B
    Meets: 003 Kalkin 14:50-16:05 TR.