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Tim Scherbatskoy

University of Vermont

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List of Projects

ProjectRoleStart DateEnd Date
Proctor Maple Research Center Meteorological Monitoring: (399 m)Participant 1988-06-01
Nitrate Transport in Snowmelt in the Green Mountains, Northern VermontParticipant 1993-10-01 1994-10-01
Foliar Nitrogen Variability and Resorption During Autumn Leaf Senescence in Sugar MapleParticipant 1993-05-01 1995-05-01
National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network (NADP/NTN)Participant 1984-06-01
Clean Air Status and Trend Network (CASTNet): Meteorology, Dry Deposition, Wet Deposition, Ozone Monitoring Participant 1993-10-23 2007-03-31
Atmospheric Integration Research Monitoring NetworkParticipant 1993-01-01 2013-05-30
Mercury and dissolved Organic Carbon in Soil Water and Stream WaterParticipant 1997-04-12 1997-11-02
Atmospheric Mercury Deposition MonitoringParticipant 1992-12-15 2000-12-31
Biomonitoring Ozone with White Clover ClonesPrincipal-investigator 1991-08-01 1992-12-30
Canopy Ion Exchange MechanismsParticipant 1991-07-01 1992-12-30
Dry Deposition Inferential Measurement (DDIM)Participant 1992-08-11 2000-05-20
Forest Environmental Monitoring (Canopy Tower)Participant 1992-07-07
Disturbance Effects and Temporal Stability of Forest Health Indicators in Forest Health Monitoring PlotsParticipant 1995-05-01 1997-08-31
Cloudwater Chemistry on Mount MansfieldParticipant 1998-08-01 1998-10-31
UV-B Monitoring Station in USDA National Monitoring NetworkParticipant 1996-10-22
Mt. Mansfield West Slope Mid-Elevation Forest Meteorological MonitoringParticipant 1996-09-01
Colchester Reef Meteorological Monitoring (38 m)Participant 1996-07-01
Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Stomatal Conductance, Ozone Concentration, and Ozone Uptake in a Sugar Maple CanopyParticipant 1998-05-01 1999-11-01
Paired Watershed Study on the East Slope of Mount Mansfield: Hydrologic MonitoringParticipant 2000-07-01
Mt. Mansfield East Slope Mid-elevation Forest Meteorological Monitoring (884m)Participant 1999-07-26
Mount Mansfield Summit MeteorologyParticipant 1954-01-01
Soil Temperature Gradients in a Northern Hardwood ForestParticipant 1993-01-13 2001-12-31
Long-term Soil MonitoringParticipant 2002-01-01
Diamond Island Meteorological MonitoringParticipant 2004-05-21