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Interested in promoting wellness? Become a Wellness Ambassador!

UVM Wellness Wheel

The 2016 Wellness Council is asking interested employees to consider becoming Wellness Ambassadors to support and encourage healthy behaviors and act as sponsors for our wellness initiatives.


A Wellness Ambassador is a UVM faculty or staff member who is committed to promoting health and wellness in the workplace and will act as a catalyst for culture change at UVM. Wellness Ambassadors play vital roles in supporting the promotion of health and wellbeing among the University of Vermont’s faculty and staff.


Wellness Ambassadors will act as liaisons between their functional areas and the UVM Wellness Council. They serve as UVM’s key communicators of the wellness program, helping to direct employees to wellness resources, events, and activities. Wellness Ambassadors will also receive advanced notice of campus communications from the Wellness Council.

Click HERE to view the Wellness Ambassador Job description.

Email  or call 802-656-3108 if you would like join our Wellness Team as a Wellness Ambassador.