Employee Handbooks & Policies

Employee Handbooks & Policies

Find non-represented staff handbooks, sick time policies, bargaining agreements, and UVM, State, and Federal policies and resources.

How to Guides

PeopleSoft & PeopleAdmin How to Guides

How to Guides (a.k.a. "mini-manuals") provide step-by-step instructions to complete daily tasks in both PeopleSoft and PeopleAdmin.

Classification & Compensation Guidelines

Class & Comp Guidelines

The Classification and Compensation experts help to classify and assign appropriate pay ranges for each position and employee type.

Professional Development & Training (PD&T)

Professional Development & Training

UVM employees can access a wide variety of professional growth and training opportunities from effective communication to software skills, and more!

Wellness & Work-Life Balance

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness at UVM offers faculty and staff a variety of resources to find ways to achieve and maintain personal and professional balance.