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Hiring Steps for Staff Positions

Listed below are the typical steps that are part of the process of hiring staff at the University of Vermont.

Interview the Candidates

Determine the applicants to be interviewed. Contact the applicants and conduct interviews. Refer interviewees to the Police Services website for information regarding campus crime statistics (Clery Act).

Close the Posting

  • Positions MUST be posted a minimum of seven days (including five business days) and should not be closed before a printed advertisement is published and applicants have had enough time to apply.
  • Once you have a sufficient pool of applicants, click on “Closed/Removed from Web” which removes the posting from the applicant website.

Select a Top Candidate and Gain Hiring Approval

  1. Identify the top candidate. Check references/credentials, work experience and educational background of the top candidate. If you receive any internal applications and are considering that person as a top candidate, we would encourage you to check performance appraisals (which can be pulled from the HRS personnel files) and contact prior departments for a reference.
  2. If your top candidate is a foreign national who requires employment sponsorship (or if you have questions about foreign national candidates), contact the Office of International Education. You can determine if a prospective employee will require sponsorship by reviewing their answer to the application question, “Will you require sponsorship by the University to work or continue to work in the United States?”
  3. If you wish to conduct a criminal background check, contact HRS for assistance.
  4. In PeopleAdmin, change the status of applicants. The top candidate should be “Recommend For Hire” with detailed justification regarding why that candidate is the top choice. Others interviewed but not ranked should be “Interviewed Not Hired.” You may indicate a first or second alternate if you choose to do so. When indicating a first and second alternate, you MUST offer the position to the candidates in the order of their ranking, unless there are extenuating circumstances (for example, an unsatisfactory reference check or a background check with a relevant criminal conviction). Do not rank the candidates if you are unsure which is most qualified for the position.
  5. Everyone else in the pool should show a status of “Not Hired.” Note: Once an applicant’s status is changed to “Not Hired – send applicant e-mail,” an automated e-mail will be generated notifying the applicant that s/he is no longer under consideration.
  6. Complete a Hiring Proposal for the candidate you wish to hire. Specific instructions for Hiring Proposals are part of the Department User Instructions.
  7. Complete the Salary Justification information in collaboration with the business manager or Dean’s office, and submit the Hiring Proposal for Dean/Director review (“Dean/Director for Finalist Review”).
  8. When the Hiring Proposal status is "Ready for Offer" it means that the appropriate offices have approved the position. At this point, a VERBAL offer of employment may be made to the top candidate.
  9. Using the sample notification letter on the web as a guide, send the candidate a written offer letter and Employee Information Form. The Employee Information Form must be sent to HR (along with the PA Set-up Form and the Distribution Form) no later than one week prior to the individual's start date.
  10. When the offer is accepted, change the Hiring Proposal status to "Offer Accepted." If applicable, register the candidate for Orientation on Managing New Hires. Candidates whose positions begin at the opening of the academic year should attend the special faculty orientation in late August. For details see the New Faculty Orientation website.
  11. Review the Risk Management safety checklist to determine whether safety training is necessary.
  12. Once the hiring proposal status has been changed to “Offer Accepted”, the applicant’s status will automatically be changed to “Hired” and the posting status will change to “Filled”. An automatic e-mail notifying of the position’s “filled” status will be sent to the appropriate individuals.

Human Resource Services welcomes your inquiries, suggestions or comments aimed at improving the recruiting experience at UVM. Contact us at 656-3150 or

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