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R&I Guide: Final Approval

Recruitment and Interview Guide for Supervisors

Following Selection of the Candidate: Final Candidate Approval Process

  1. Obtain hiring and salary approval via the PeopleAdmin system by completing the required steps. Refer to the Manager's Corner for assistance with PeopleAdmin. The Dean/Director will approve the top candidate(s) and if necessary, will route the requisition to salary review.

  2. Make the offer of employment. Once the supervisor receives the status of Ready for Offer on the Electronic Application System, a job offer may be made. An Employment Notification Letter (sample letter for exempt staff / sample letter for non-exempt staff) must be prepared and sent to the candidate regardless of whether a verbal offer was made. The letter must include the position title, annual salary or hourly rate, starting date, full-time equivalency (FTE), term of employment (9, 10, 11, or 12 months per year), exempt or nonexempt status, probation period, union status, and whether the employee's pay will be from restricted funds. The letter should also inform the candidate that employment is contingent upon fulfilling the Immigration Reform and Control Act requirement to provide proof of identity and employment eligibility upon beginning employment. Any special job requirements, such as those listed in this guide for inclusion in the posting, should also be stated in the Employment Notification Letter. A copy of the Employment Notification Letter must be sent to the Payroll/ Records Office for inclusion in the new employee's file.

  3. Once the position is accepted, the Personnel Action Form and Salary Distribution Form should be completed by the hiring department and submitted to Payroll/Records. The Employee Information Form, W-4, and I-9 will be completed by the new employee in Orientation. All new full-time employees must attend an orientation, which is held twice a month. For further information or to schedule a new employee for Orientation, please visit Managing New Hires. Part-time employees who wish to join the University's medical insurance plan at their own expense should contact the HRS Employee Information Center at 802-656-3150. For specific information about how employees are determined to be part-time or full-time and what benefits they qualify for, consult the Benefits area of the HRS web site.

  4. Notify unsuccessful candidates. It is your responsibility to notify each candidate whom you interviewed regarding the status of the position. Other applicants will receive an update in the Electronic Application System. Sample Turndown Letters, including one designed for internal applicants, may be changed or adapted to suit the situation, or you may write your own. These letters should be sent out within a week after the position has been filled.

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