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Contstructive Discipline

Progressive Discipline

UVM supervisors are encouraged to use the principles of progressive discipline in managing the needs of their area. Progressive discipline is corrective action designed to help individuals overcome behavior that has caused problems on the job. Its goal is to help individuals work productively in healthy relationship with others.

Understood broadly, corrective discipline normally follows these steps:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Written Warning
  3. Suspension
  4. Termination

It is understood, however, that the University does not have to follow this progression in every case of employee discipline, and it may skip or repeat steps based upon the circumstances of any given case. Under egregious circumstances, the University may move directly to Suspension or Termination.

A detailed guide to progressive discipline, including exceptions and ramifications, is contained in the handbook entitled Progressive Discipline: Guidelines for Management. The guide is available to supervisors through the Human Resource Services Labor and Employee Relations team in 233 Waterman.  The publication is also available for employees to read in the Staff Council Office and at the Reference Desk of the Bailey-Howe Library.

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