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Contstructive Discipline

Progressive Discipline

Nonunion UVM employees will be disciplined according to the principles of progressive discipline. This is administered to help overcome behavior that has caused problems on the job. The goal is to help individuals continue to work productively and effectively as UVM employees.

Progressive action must be fair, not discriminatory. The same standards must be applied to all employees who do similar jobs. All disciplinary action must be undertaken with the goal to develop and retain employees.

Along with meeting the criteria of sound managerial practice, progressive discipline must take into account the right to challenge disciplinary actions through the Grievance and Mediation Policy – Staff (Non-Represented. Progressive discipline must be administered thoughtfully and by following certain standards or guidelines. Any action taken must withstand a challenge within the UVM appeals procedure or from the courts.

A detailed guide to progressive discipline, including exceptions and ramifications, is contained in Progressive Discipline: Guidelines for Management. The guide is available to supervisors through the Human Resource Services Management Consulting Solutions team in 232 Waterman.  The publication is also available for employees in the Staff Council Office and at the Reference Desk of the Bailey-Howe Library.

Last modified December 20 2011 02:43 PM