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Transportation Services Coordinator

Transportation Services Coordinator—Job Standard

Job Family: Service
Series: Transportation Services
Job Code: 6232
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Union Status: UE

This title is part of a career progression within the Transportation Services Series consisting of Transportation Services AssistantTransportation Services Officer, and Transportation Services Coordinator.

Job Overview

To coordinate and plan for implementation of transportation operation-related functions, with supervision from designated supervisor.

Typical Functions

The duties listed are not all-inclusive. Duties assigned to individual employees may vary.

Provide functional supervision of Transportation Services operations staff during routine assignments and special events  to ensure productivity, consistency, and accuracy of work. May reassign driver routes and equipment or assign staff as substitute shuttle drivers as necessary.

Maintain inventory of transportation related materials, repair and equipment. May assist with equipment repairs.

Ensure training of staff and adherence to department procedures and quality expectations based on established policy, procedure, and protocol. Issue citations, assist motorists, provide traffic control, event staffing and cash collection. Rule on citation appeals. Develop procedures and maintain a procedure manual for parking operations.

Develop plans for special events which may include re-designation or re-allocation of parking space, placement of special needs parking and signage with supervisor. Work with traffic technicians within the community to plan for re-routing of campus vehicle routes. Disseminate information to drivers on all shifts and to the public as needed to ensure continuity of service.

Coordinate staffing assignments to assure events are staffed appropriately. Oversee database management tasks related to parking citations. Serve as department representative/facilitator at Traffic Board of Appeals meetings.

Collaborate with campus departments to determine the impact of construction projects on campus traffic and parking facilities. Work to resolve conflicts that arise with parking and traffic conditions.

Monitor trends, propose necessary policy modifications and provide strategic planning input. Collect and utilize related data to improve operations and processes.

Compose and distribute individual and campus wide communications pertaining to enforcement and parking options, including website, email, social media, printed media, phone information, and presentations to groups.

Train new employees in all aspects of their work. Provide input on staff performance.

Participate in area safety training.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and experience equivalent to:

High school diploma and three years related work experience required. Knowledge of and ability to use basic hand tools, basic writing skills and good interpersonal skills desirable. Valid driver's license and Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or ability to obtain both and driver's check required. Initial and continued employment dependent on satisfactory results of alcohol and drug testing.

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