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Athletic Assistant Coach

Athletic Assistant Coach—Job Standard

Job Family: Professional
Series: Student/Academic Services Professional
Job Code: 3371
FLSA: Exempt
Union Status:

This job standard is part of a two-tier career progression within the Student/Academic Services Professional Series. The progression for Athletic Assistant Coach is to either Athletic Head Coach or Athletic Head Coach Senior.

Job Overview

Provide coaching assistance and instruction in support of a specific University student athletic program.

Typical Functions

The duties listed are not all-inclusive. Duties assigned to individual employees may vary.

Provide coaching assistance and instruction in support of a specific University student athletic program; use judgment in prioritizing work and selecting and applying methods; assist in and develop instructional strategies and objectives to promote progressive, independent, and team physical/cognitive skills development and assessment; assist in or develop conditioning programs; coordinate and implement practice sessions and game plans; develop evaluative procedures and assess student progress.

Perform departmental activities; provide accurate sports information to internal and external media and assist with competitive recruiting following University and external regulatory guidelines; meet with alumni groups and community and regional organizations to promote University athletics and enhance public relations and community support based on a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of University policies and procedures.

Provide guidance, counseling, and instruction to student athletes; meet with students during scheduled times; develop course outlines, instructional strategies, activities, and student and course evaluation processes allowing for student feedback and maximum program effectiveness.

Ensure compliance with NCAA, conference and institutional athletic regulations. Violation of such rules and regulations shall be subject to disciplinary or corrective action as set forth by the provision of NCAA enforcement policies, up to and including the possibility of suspension without pay or termination.

Perform data management functions; maintain student records, recruitment files, travel, and operating expenses, inventory, and equipment; prepare and provide scouting reports.

Provide functional supervision to designated employees and/or affiliates.

Minimum Qualifications 

Education and experience equivalent to: 

Bachelor's degree and one to three years' related experience required. Specialized certification may be required. Knowledge of and adherence to all applicable rules, regulations and policies stipulated by the NCAA, the affiliated conference and institutional athletic regulations required.

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