University of Vermont

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Facilities Trades Engineer

Facilities Trades Engineer—Job Standard

Job Family: Skilled Craft
Series: Facilities Trades
Job Code: 5363
FLSA: Non-Exempt
Union Status: UE

This title is part of a career progression within the Facilities Trades Series consisting of Facilities Trades Technician and Facilities Trades Engineer.

Job Overview

Perform a variety of highly technical facility system programming, associated mechanical repairs and maintenance. Troubleshoots controls related problems. Supervise outside contractor projects as it relates to expertise. Provides general oversight of building systems on campus in regard to their operation, expansion, maintenance and repair.

Typical functions

The duties listed are not all-inclusive. Duties assigned to individual employees may vary.

Performs highly technical facility ystem programming functions. May devise and implement new and/or revised equipment controls strategies to better match building functions.

Provides general oversight of the existing campus systems. Plan and implement programs for the verification and testing of the operation of systems on campus. May recalibrates electronic sensors and actuators, electronic transmitters, etc. Reprogram tsystems to better serve the needs of building occupants while making every effort to conserve energy.

Review renovation and new building plans and specifications with regard to facility systems, and makes recommendations to design engineers. Update drawings and sequences of operation to reflect any changes. Keeps accurate records.

Contribute in the commissioning for new systems in renovations of existing buildings and new buildings. Participates in the determination of the requirements to be met in each individual project. Ensure new system can meet or exceed requirements.

Provide training to various staff where duties and responsibilities overlap with building systems on campus. Provide training and assistance to monitoring system operators, coordinate the revision/verification of various system alarm limits and messages. Communicate system problems an/or verifications to operators to enhance performance.

Operate University vehicle on/off campus. 

Minimum Qualifications 

Education and experience equivalent to: 

High School Diploma, trade-specific training in operation, maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment and controls; three years’ experience to include project coordination and ability to read and interpret engineering plans and specifications required. Proficiency with computer programming/operation of building controls automation systems required. Valid driver’s license, and driver’s check required.  Must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while performing specific job tasks.  

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