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Short-Term Disability Enrollment Available in October 2018

UVM has a NEW Voluntary Short-Term Disability Benefit for non-represented staff with 0.75 – 1.0 FTE. Below are some quick highlights of the new plan, along with links to enroll and information to help you decide if this benefit is right for you. Enrollment for Voluntary Short-Term Disability begins Tuesday, October 9 and ends Wednesday, November 21.

Plan Highlights:

  • Plan will be administered through The Standard (the same vendor used for Long Term Disability and Life Insurance).
  • This is an income replacement insurance plan, which may be used for non-work related accident or illness which prevents one from working (e.g., knee surgery, pregnancy).
  • Disability is defined as “unable to perform the usual duties of your occupation due to a non-work related accident, sickness and/or pregnancy and your duties cannot be reasonably modified.”
  • 100% employee paid, after tax = 70% of weekly work wage/salary up to a maximum of $3,500 weekly.


  • Non-represented staff only.
  • UVM benefit groups A and C - Must be full-time UVM staff member employed in a regular capacity for at least 75% of a 12-month work year of 37.5 or 40 hours per work.
  • UVM benefit group B - In a regular capacity of 100% of an academic year of 9,10,11 months for 37.5 or 40 hours per week.


Online Enrollment

Steps to Enroll in Voluntary Short-Term Disability (pdf)

Utilizing Benefit Examples (pdf)

Short-Term Disability Overview (pdf)

FAQs for Employees (pdf)

FAQs for HR Reps and Managers (pdf)

STD Benefit: Protect Your Income and Financial Future (pdf)

Voluntary Short-Term Disability Highlights (pdf)


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