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Howard Ball

Professor Emeritus - Howard Ball

Howard Ball

Howard Ball Professor Emeritus

Area of expertise

Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, American Government, Judicial Process, the U.S. Supreme Court

Contact Information

Professor Ball has published almost two dozen books, including Of Power and Right; The U.S. Supreme Court: From the Inside Out, and Hugo Black: Cold Steel Warrior. Over two dozen articles have appeared in political science, public administration, and law journals including Western Political Quarterly, Polity, Public Administration Review, Harvard Civil Rights-Liberties Law Review, and Howard Law Review. His latest books are a biography of Thurgood Marshall entitled A Defiant Life (Random House); Prosecuting War Crimes and Genocide, and The Bakke Case, (both for the University Press of Kansas). He is presently at work on a book for NYU Press entitled, The U.S. Supreme Court in the Private Lives of Americans.

When not teaching or doing research, Professor Ball can be found in Richmond with his wife Carol, his three chessies, Maggie, Sam, and Charlie, his old Golden, Casey, and his two horses, Stormin' Norman and Dirty Harry.