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The Vermont Legislative Research Service (VLRS) strives to provide non-partisan policy research support to Vermont State Legislators while concurrently promoting students research skills. Students work in research teams to produce research reports answering questions posed by Legislators and on current issues before the Vermont Legislature. Student Researchers conduct this work under the supervision of Professor Anthony "Jack" Gierzynski  (Director of the VLRS).

In order to participate in the VLRS in 2023, students will have to apply here to get permission to enroll in POLS 4310, "The Vermont Legislative Research Service". We will review the applications in the weeks leading up to class registration and notify those who are invited to join.

Legislators in need of research from the VLRS are asked to please fill out the request form in the quick links menu in the upper right hand menu or email  Professor Gierzynski.

Reports are below beneath their subject heading.

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The reports listed on this web site have been prepared by undergraduate students at the University of Vermont under the supervision of Professors Anthony "Jack" Gierzynski. The material contained in the reports does not reflect official policy of the University of Vermont.