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When students declare either a major or a minor in political science, they are assigned an advisor from the Department's full-time faculty. During their first year, students are required to see their advisors in order to register for classes.  Afterwards, students should see their advisors regularly to make sure that they are progressing satisfactorily toward their degrees. Advising sessions can cover topics such as course selection, transfer credit, study abroad, tutoring, and career plans.

Resources for Advisees

Advising FAQs for Political Science Majors and Minors

Who is my advisor?

You can find out who your advisor is by consulting your academic record (myUVM Portal, CATS for Students.)

When can I meet with my advisor?

You can always drop by your advisor's weekly office hours. To find out when any faculty member is holding office hours this term, click on their name on the faculty list. If you are unable to come to office hours, simply send your advisor an email to set up an appointment.

Can I request a different advisor?

Yes, you may request a new advisor within the department. To do so, please contact, (802.656.4325). If you have a particular faculty member in mind, please speak with him or her first to approve the change.

What courses do I have to take to complete a major or minor in political science?

To see a complete list of requirements for major and minor, click here.

What courses do I have to take to complete a Bachelor's degree in the College of Arts and Sciences?

To see an updated list of requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences, click here. In general, unless students are double-majors (with one major in the sciences), political science majors pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, not a Bachelor of Sciences degree.

How many total course credits do I need to graduate?

You need 120 total credits to graduate.

How can I find out which requirements I have not yet completed?

Current students can find out exactly which requirements (University, College, and Departmental) they have already met, and which requirements they must still meet, by running a personalized CATS report. If you need help, your advisor can help you understand the report.

How can I find out about pre-law advisng and resources?

To find out more about pre-law advising and resources, click here.

How can I get course credit for political internships?

To apply for course credit for an internship, you must submit an application as you're beginning your internship; for instructions, click here.

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