The LCASVD Network

Cerebral SVD is an extremely complex disease, and understanding its pathogenesis requires a multifaceted approach in which molecular information must first be integrated at the level of cells and intercellular communication, and then pieced together at the level of the neurovascular ensemble in vivo. Only then can perturbations in vascular function be projected to the whole-brain level to explain the pathology in humans.

The members of the Leducq Center Against Small Vessel Disease (LCASVD) have been selected for their coverage of cutting-edge knowledge and skills in this research field, for their complementarities, and for their potential to maximize the level of synergy. Most Network members have already collaborated with at least one other member, providing a fast start for beginning and expanding synergies. In addition, the Network expects to provide a platform for energizing young investigators and attracting them to an important and exciting field at the crossroads of vascular biology and neuroscience. By leveraging the unique scientific and technical resources of its members and harnessing the promise of a new generation of researchers, this Network stands poised to make an enduring contribution to the science and treatment of cerebral SVD.

We have gathered world-class experts skilled in the investigation of patients with SVD and experimental studies with mouse models and with a focus on the cerebrovasculature. Members of the Network will combine their unique expertise and resources and will direct their efforts towards the common task of elucidating the pathogenesis of brain SVD.