Dr. Mark Nelson, Ph.D.

University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Dept. of Pharmacology

University of Vermont - Burlington, VT USA


  • B.A., Mathematics and Biology: Tufts University (1976)
  • Ph.D., Neural Sciences: Washington University-St.Louis (1980)
  • Publications

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  • Research

    Dr. Dr. Nelson is University Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology in the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont.  His work has been supported mainly by NIH, NSF, and the American Heart Association. He is a current member of the Vermont Academy of Sciences & Engineering (1999), Fellow of the American Heart Association (2001) and Fellow of the Biophysical Society (2009) and an ad hoc member of the NIH Pharmacology Study Section (regular member 1998-2002). He has served as Councilor of the Biophysical Society Council (1998-2002) and as a regular member of the NIH Pharmacology Section (1998-2002). He was a University Scholar at the University of Vermont (1996), an Established Investigator of the American Heart Association (1985-90), and an Honorable Mention Awardee from the American Heart Association for the Louis N. Katz Research Prize for Young Investigators (1982). Dr. Nelson has lectured and published widely, served as a consultant to several corporations, and has a particular research interest in the properties and roles of ion channels in smooth-muscle function.

    Dr. Nelson has sparked major advances in ion channel physiology and calcium signaling in the vasculature and neurovascular coupling. His has the unique expertise to perform key measurements on single vascular cells, intact pressurized brain parenchymal arterioles and brain slices, and monitor in vivo cortical cerebral blood flow using transgenic mouse models . In collaboration with Dr. Joutel over the last year, he has established the TgPAC-Notch3R169C CADASIL mouse model in Vermont.