University of Vermont

Center for Research on Vermont


Student must be available from the beginning of the semester to the end, about 15 weeks and willing to work from 75-125 hours.

Candidates must submit the following by e-mail or by U.S. Mail.

  1. a brief letter or email message identifying the internship you are interested in and the skills and traits you would bring to the experience (about 1-page). Why would you be good at this?
  2. a resume, including summary of work, volunteering, and significant interests
  3. a writing sample (3-5 pages) can be an excerpt from a longer document
  4. contact information for three references, including at least two from school or work
  5. Identify if you would prefer to be paid or receive academic credit.

Send application materials to Richard Watts,

Social Media Internship

Real-world, hands-on experience.

Student interns work with professional staff in a professional environment designing, implementing and coordinating social media activities.

Social media interns produce, edit and design web site content and promote Vermont research and Center activities through tools such as twitter, facebook, pinterist, linked-in and others.

Internships are per semester and can either be for pay or academic credit. Students-are expected to work 75-100 hours per semester for credits or funding.

General Learning Objectives
  • Learn basics of social media
  • Work within a professional environment to apply social media tools
  • Learn about Vermont and Vermont research

Prerequisite for Social Media Internships: Some basic knowledge of social media needed. Students with related course work, including communications, journalism, education, media, English or other related fields are preferred.

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