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Forms, Resources, and Policies/Procedures

F = Form, R = Resource, P = Policy/Procedure

Academics Advising

  • Academic Advising Plan in PDF (R)
  • Advising File: Access to Electronic Files (R)
  • Advising Handbook (R)
  • Advising Memo in PDF (R)
  • Advising Memo in Word (R)
  • Advising Survey Questions (R)
  • Annual Teaching and Advising Workshop Agenda (R)
  • CALS Core Competencies (R)
  • CATS Exception Form (F)
  • Code of Academic Integrity (P)
  • Course Action Form - UVM (F)
  • Course Withdrawal form (F)
  • Double Major form (F)
  • Minor within CALS form (F)
  • Change of Major form (F)
  • Diversity Courses (R)
  • Language Placement Test (R)
  • Math Placement Test (R)
  • Student Course Schedule Form (F)
  • Student Evaluation Instruction Questions (R)
  • Choosing Cross College Majors- Why CALS? (R) 
  • Spring 2016 Honors College Sophomore Seminar (CALS Requirements)

  • Academics Teaching

  • CALS Workload Guidelines (P)
  • College Bylaws (P)
  • Copyright on Teaching & Curricula Materials (P)
  • Diversity Recruitment & Retention Plan (P)
  • Faculty Buy-out of Teaching Time (P)
  • Fund for Undergraduate Student Excellence (P)
  • Graduate Student Enhancement Fund (P)
  • New Course Approval - UVM (P)
  • Professional Development Funds (P)
  • Room Scheduling/Assignment Change Form - UVM (F)
  • Teaching Evaluation Plan (P)
  • Teaching Availability Form (F)
  • Addressing Classroom Disruption (R) 
  • Faculty Led Travel Programs Check-List
  • Certificate Program Check-List
  • Summer Program Proposal Check-List

  • Human Resources

  • CALS Workload Guidelines (P)
  • Diversity Recruitment and Rentention Plan (P)
  • Employee Termination Checklist (F)
  • Faculty Buy-out of Station Time (P)
  • Faculty Buy-out of Teaching Time (P)
  • FTE Notification (F)
  • Performance Based Increases (P)
  • CALS Flexible Work Arrangement Renewal Form (F)
  • UVM Flexible Work Arrangement Overview & Request form (R)
  • CALS Post-Doctoral Associate Guidelines (P)
  • Request for Non-Salaried Visiting Scholar (F)
  • RPT Procedures (P)
  • Temp Employee Request form (F)
  • Workload form (F)
  • Human Resources at UVM (R)
  • Governing Documents at UVM (R)
    Staff Handbook

  • Governing Documents at UVM (R)
    Collective Bargaining Agreements

  • RPT at UVM (R)
  • Sabbaticals at UVM (R) 
  • Metrics for Scholarly Contributions

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