Kids Rarely Transmit Covid-19, Say UVM Docs in Top Journal

Schools Can Reopen in Fall, They Say, If Safety Guidelines Are Observed and Community Transmission Is Low
Benjamin Lee, M.D. and William V. Raszka, Jr., M.D.

A commentary published in the journal Pediatrics, the official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, concludes that children infrequently transmit Covid-19 to each other or to adults and that many schools, provided they follow appropriate social distancing guidelines and take into account rates of transmission in their community, can and should reopen in the fall

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UVM, Grossman School of Business, Vermontilator

Grad Students Help Emergency Ventilator Reach New Markets

As the first cases of Covid-19 were emerging in the U.S., a team of scientists, engineers and doctors at the University of Vermont developed the 'Vermontilator'; a ventilator that is now in the process of getting its FDA certifications, and one that has joined several important coalitions to guide its next steps forward.

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Three people walking down a Burlington street wearing face masks.

UVM Survey: Pandemic’s Impact Falling Disproportionately on Lower Income Groups

High percentages of Vermonters agree with the social distancing measures put in place by the state in response to the coronavirus pandemic and have complied with them, according to a new survey.

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University community response to pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly changes life across the world, we offer a window on multiple efforts by the University of Vermont community—faculty, staff, students, and alumni—to address the global crisis and ease its impact.

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