Subsidized Green Mountain Transit (GMT) Passes

 All UVM students can ride the Green Mountain Transit buses free of charge by swiping their CATcard. There are five local GMT buses that serve our campus in addition to six commuter bus lines. Schedules can be viewed on the GMT website.

CATS Shuttle

The CATS Shuttle connects the Trinity, Central, and Athletic/Redstone Campuses, as well as runs an Evening and Late Night Service routes.  Use our TransLoc Rider map or download the app to see when the next shuttle will be picking you up.

CarShare Vermont

Transportation and Parking partners with CarShare Vermont (CSVT), an hourly car sharing service, offers discounted membership to UVM students. There are multiple CSVT location on the UVM Campus and surrounding areas. To learn more about CSVT and apply for membership, please visit the CarShare Vermont Website.

Bicycle Rentals, Repairs, and other Resources

Parking & Transportation Services oversees the bike safety programs and regulations on campus. If you bike to campus, we recommend that you register your bicycle. This allows us to inform you of projects and activities that may significantly affect bike commutes as well as provide access to restricted on-campus bicycle parking locations.  Registering your bicycle also allows University Police Services to contact owners of recovered lost or stolen bicycles. Do you want to rent a bike or are you looking for a repair for your bike? The UVM Bicycle Education Center is a full-service student-run bike shop on campus located at the Booth House. Check out our new Bicycle Guide that has super helpful tips for getting out and exploring the area on bike!

Getting out to the Mountains

Interested in getting out of town to do some hiking, ski/snowboarding, or water hole research? Check out the Ski and Snowboard Club and the Outing Club. Both clubs offer busses to the mountains and beyond. Looking for some nature closer to campus, check out these walkable/bikeable natural areas

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Drive an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle to campus? Good news! The University now has electric vehicle charging stations located across campus. Please visit our electric vehicle charging page for more information regarding locations of charging stations, rules and regulations, as well as rates.

Greenride Bikeshare Discounted Memberships

Greenride bikeshare is no longer operating. For updates please visit: