Who is my UVM Eco-Rep?

The UVM Eco-Reps Program cultivates environmental responsibility by training student leaders to promote sustainable practices at the university and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors among peers. Read about the current Eco-Rep teams, and learn which Eco-Reps serve your area of campus.

Athletic 1

Lauren Waibel

Social Media Manager
Lauren is a Junior Sociology Major minoring in Studio Art and Environmental Studies. She is from Baltimore, Md., and likes to sew, hike mountains, swim in any body of water at any time of year, and rearrange art on walls.

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Dallas Brummer

Change Agent
Dallas is an Environmental Studies major from Buffalo, N.Y. She enjoys gardening, hiking, art, and exploring new places. She is interested in sustainable urban planning.

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Nora Looney

Change Agent
University Heights South
Nora is a Health and Society major from Alfred, N.Y. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies, being outside, and spending time with friends and family.

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Maddie Leitch

Change Agent
Maddie is a Political Science major from San Anselmo, Cal. She loves theater, video games, exploring, and arts and crafts.

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Athletic 2

Mia Papageorge

Outreach Manager
Mia is a junior studying Environmental Studies and Economics and minoring in French. She is from Indiana and loves to hike, bike, swim, camp, ski, cook, read, watch media, and chill!

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Nerida Williams

Change Agent
Nerida is a Linguistics major from Illinois. She enjoys playing video games, reading, and spend time with her dogs. After graduation, she plans to pursue teaching abroad.

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Ayanna McDaniel

Change Agent
Ayanna is an Art Education major from Connecticut. She loves playing with her dog, being outdoors, making jewelry, and sewing.

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Sean Magnifico

Change Agent
University Heights North
Sean is a sophomore student from central Connecticut studying Physics and French. After graduating, he's interested in researching green technology. Outside of class he enjoys taking pictures and exploring Burlington with friends.

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Ali Drew

Writing Manager
Ali is an Environmental Studies major and Sociology minor from Vermont! She loves to sing, spend time with her cats, and spend time outside skiing or paddleboarding!

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Nick Bishop

Change Agent
Nick is a sophmore Environmental Studies major from Cleveland, Ohio. He enjoys dirtbagging, skating, snowboarding, and making videos with friends.

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Amanda Minsk

Change Agent
Amanda is a first year student in the Grossman School of Business. She is from Walpole, MA. Amanda enjoys watching sports, playing with her dog and doing water sports in the summer. She wants to become a better skier while studying at UVM.

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KC Johnson

Change Agent
KC is a sophomore student from Wilton CT studying neuroscience. She loves getting outdoors with friends, DIY craft projects, reading, and cooking.

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Maya Bostwick

Design Manager
Maya is an Environmental Studies major and Spanish & studio art minor from Massachusetts. She loves art, reading, and playing volleyball in her free time.

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Maeve Donnelly

Change Agent
Maeve is a first year political science major from Albany, New York. In her free time, she loves to go to workout classes and the gym. She hopes one day to move to D.C. and work in politics.

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Sam Joyner

Change Agent
Sam is a Secondary Education major concentrating in Chemistry and Special Education. He enjoys baking, cooking, dogs, sewing, and being outside.

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Cate Kreider

Change Agent
Cate is an Environmental Studies major from northern New Jersey. In her free time, Cate enjoys reading, writing, hiking, hammocking, and skiing.

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Annie Selle

Performance Manager
Annie is a junior environmental science major who loves weird plants and creatures, playing guitar, and making art with friends.

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Althea Deschenes

Change Agent
Back 5
Althea is a sophomore Environmental Science major Food Systems minor from Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves skiing, ice skating, hiking, and doing pretty much anything else outside.

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Annie Stibora

Change Agent
Annie is a second year Sociology major and Human Development minor interested in social issues and pursuing education in the future. She loves to spend time outside with her friends and write for HerCampus UVM!

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Jack Pitblado

Change Agent
Jack is a freshman political science major with an interest in pursuing law in the future. He loves playing the guitar with his friends and spending time with friends. He also really enjoys getting to spend time walking or generally out in nature.

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