The Sustainability Ambassador program begain in January 2020. A Sustainability Ambassador is a UVM faculty or staff member who is committed to promoting sustainability in the workplace and act as a catalyst for culture change at UVM. Ambassadors will play a vital role in supporting the promotion of sustainability among peers by acting as a liaison between their functional area and sustainability staff members. Sustainability Ambassadors serve as educators and communicators, helping to direct employees to and inform them of sustainability programs, activities and resources. 


2021 Ambassador Team:

  • Jennifer Phalen Office/Prgm Support Senior, CEMS
  • Erin Dickinson Executive Project Specialist, VP Legal Affrs & Gen Counsel
  • Amy Ligay Business Support Generalist, Department of Surgery
  • Danielle Moore Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, RSENR
  • April Christenson Office/Prgm Support Generalist, Writing in the Disciplines
  • Kristen Cella Student Services, CNHS
  • Laurie McLean Program Coordinator, The Larner College of Medicine
  • Cyndi Dowling Adminsitrative Assistant, Grossman
  • Anna Hand Office/Prgm Support Assistant, Residential Life
  • Casey Smith Office/Prgm Support  AssistantPlanning Design & Construction
  • Chelsey Stack Office/Prgm Support Generalist, COM Ofc of Med Ed
  • Hayley Hasberger Academic Srvcs Professional, Grossman School of Business
  • john mejia Student Srvcs Professional, Student & Community Relations
  • Marie Bouffard Administrative Professional, Purchasing
  • Masha Shelukha Office/Prgm Support Generalist, Center for Cultural Pluralism
  • Scott Greenia Information Tech Professional, ETS Client Services


What types of interactions can I expect to have with my Sustainability Ambassador? Ambassadors will share announcements, events and the montly campus sustainabilty newsletter with thier units. This could be over email or in staff meetings. They will be making improvements ranging from updating signage to starting new programs. They'll be making sure everyone knows about all of the great programs that already exist and having converstaions about why sustainability is so important and how to make sustainable lifestyle choices at work and beyond.

Is the Sustainability Ambassador for my unit someone I can reach out to with questions and ideas like an HR or Staff Council Rep? Yes!

My unit isn't represented. What should I do with my questions/ideas? Contact

My unit isn't represented. Can I represent my unit? We'd love for you to apply for the 2022 team! Reach out to to let us know you're interested so we can get in touch when the time comes.


  • Paul Yoon Senior Advisor for Strategic Diversity Assessment and Research, Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
  • Michael Pelletier University Engineer, Physical Plant
  • Leigh Ann Holterman Director of Curricular Evaluation and Assessment, Teaching Academy, Larner Learning Commons
  • Ken Bechtel Program Support Specialist, Social Work