A Sustainability Ambassador is a UVM faculty or staff member who is committed to promoting sustainability in the workplace and act as a catalyst for culture change at UVM. Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting the promotion of sustainability among peers by acting as a liaison between their functional area and sustainability staff members.

Ambassadors serve as educators and communicators. Ambassadors help direct employees to and inform them of sustainability programs, activities and resources. This means ensuring coworkers know about all of the sustainability programs that already exist, helping to make them more accessible, and having conversations about why sustainability is important and how to make sustainable lifestyle choices at work and beyond.


Ambassadors are expected to be active in the Teams channel and share announcements and events with their units. They may also make office improvements ranging from updating signage to championing new programs or contribute to campus wide sustainability efforts like supporting events or creating helpful resources.

Ambassadors should be able to commit to 1 hour/month for a minimum of one year and are welcome to continue for as long as they'd like and can work on projects that require additional time if they have the availability.

All Ambassadors are encouraged to complete the Campus Sustainability Series through Professional Development & Training offered each fall but it is not a requirement. New Ambassadors are welcomed throughout the year with most joining in January, following this series.


Ambassador positions are not selective/competitive, units can have multiple Ambassadors and all employees with an interest are welcomed! Ambassadors from areas of campus that are not yet represented and those who can add diversity to our group are especially encouraged to join.

If you’d like to become an Ambassador send an email with a short explanation of why you’re interested and how you envision contributing to the group.

Current Ambassadors

Jennifer Main, CEMS
April Christenson, Writing in the Disciplines
Laurie McLean, Larner College of Medicine
Cyndi Dowling, Grossman School of Business
Marie Bouffard, Purchasing
Masha Shelukha, Division of DEI
Elora Ditton, Enrollment Management
Lindsey Moore, Biochemistry
Christine Silkotch, Howe Library
Bella Butzirus, Pulmonary Medicine
Cameron Ishee, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Allen Josey, Event Services
Kunie Renaud, CESS
Robin Grant, Client Services
Daniel Erickson, RSENR
Jonathan 'Doc' Bradley, Department of Political Science
Emily Cummings, CEMS
Deirdre Manion-Fischer, Biochemistry

Ambassador Alumni

Paul Yoon, Division of Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Michael Pelletier, Physical Plant
Leigh Ann Holterman, Larner Learning Commons
Ken Bechtel, Social Work
Casey Smith, Planning Design & Construction
Erin Dickinson, VP Legal Affrs & Gen Counsel
Danielle Moore, RSENR
Hayley Hasberger, Grossman School of Business
Chelsey Stack, Office of Medical Education
Amy Ligay, Department of Surgery
Anna Hand, Residential Life
Kristen Cella, CNHS
Scott Greenia, ETS Client Services
Aimee Germain, Gund Institute for Environment
Jessie Robinson, UVM Foundation
Kristen Andrews, Career Center
Brittany LeBeau, RSENR
James Cardillo, Custodial Services
john mejia, Student & Community Relations