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Eco-Reps have a wealth of knowledge on sustainable lifestyle choices and habits that can serve you and the planet long after you leave UVM. Use and share these Eco-Rep-made resources and contact us if you'd like print copies for yourself or distribution.


Dining Hall Hacks
Dining Hall Hacks cover page

This is a guide to eating well on campus and producing less food waste. It’s full of creative ideas for navigating dining hall and retail outlets.

Greening Your Camps Events
illustration of green tree

Many students are interested in keeping their events green but it can be hard to know how to make that happen. We’ve got the answers you need!


Local Shopping Guide
Local shopping guide poster

Keeping money in our local economy and supporting small businesses supports sustainability. This guide reviews the basics of buying local (and often used!) in the clothes, food and lifestyle categories.


Guide to Green Living
Guide to Green Living poster

This is the first guide Eco-Reps ever made and we update it periodically to make sure it still reflects the best tips for navigating campus (and beyond) sustainably.


Zero Waste Guide
zero waste guide poster

Interested in the zero waste movement but not sure where to start? This guide gives some practical suggestions for essential tools and easy DIYs.



Transportation at UVM Quiz
Person riding bike

Wondering how to get around and beyond campus to enjoy all that Vermont has to offer but want to keep your carbon footprint in check? Take this fun quiz to see what options best suit your needs.

Waste Sorting Quiz
Person dumping food waste into trash bin

Recycling and composting regulations differ across the country. Do you know what goes where on our campus and in the rest of Chittenden County? Take this quick quiz to find out!


Bike Registration
Woman standing next to bike

Watch this one-minute video to learn how to register your bike in a national database connected to campus so you have a higher likelihood of getting it back if it is lost or stolen.

Central Heating & Cooling
piece of plastic eco ware

Learn how to use EcoWare, our reusable to go container program, to help reduce single use waste on campus.

Sustainable Swaps
reusable shopping bags

These videos show you a few single use or disposable items you can swap out for easy and low cost zero waste staples.

Waste Sorting
person sorting recyclable bottles

This video is a great introduction to properly sorting your waste on campus and even applies to the rest of Chittenden County. Remember, when in doubt, throw it out!

Zero Waste DIY
box of baking soda

This series will show you how to make commonly used cleaning, hygiene and beauty products out of ingredients you might even already own