Meet the 2021-2022 Team

Find the Eco-Rep for your area below. For general questions contact or the program coordinator, Caylin McCamp.

Athletic 1

Lauren Waibel

Social Media Manager
Lauren is a Sociology Major minoring in Studio Art and Environmental Studies. She is from Baltimore, Md., and likes to sew, hike mountains, swim in any body of water at any time of year, and rearrange art on walls.

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Alissa Frame

Change Agent
University Heights South
Alissa is an Environmental Studies major, minoring in Writing and Food Systems. She is from Rochester, NY and in her free time she enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, and walking her black lab Bodhi!

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Camille Jacoby

Change Agent
Camille is a Psychological Sciences major minoring in Studio Art. They are from outside of Boston, MA and spend their free time doing arts and crafts, snowboarding, hiking and playing guitar.

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Grace Lafromboise

Change Agent
Grace is an Environmental Studies major, minoring in Public Policy Analysis and Public Communication. She is from Bethel, Vermont and plans to go to Vermont Law School for Environmental Law. She likes to hike, ski, and play soccer.

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Athletic 2

Ayanna Mcdaniel

Design Manager
Ayanna is an Art Education major from Connecticut. She loves playing with her dog, being outdoors, making jewelry, and sewing.

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Navily Zhen

Change Agent
Navily is an Environmental Studies major from Philadelphia, PA. She loves to explore new places with her friends, make bead jewelry and journal, and is a huge foodie!

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Maura Taylor

Change Agent
Maura is from Maine. She enjoys skiing, being outside, and is currently learning to skateboard!

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Angelica Golbin

Change Agent
University Heights North
Angelica is an Environmental Science major from Bridgeport, CT. She loves sweets, making art, and customizing clothes.

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Ali Drew

Writing Manager
Ali is an Environmental Studies major and Sociology minor from Vermont! She loves to sing, spend time with her cats, and spend time outside skiing or paddleboarding!

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Emily Engelhart

Change Agent
Emily is an Environmental Studies major from a suburb of Sacramento, CA. She enjoys hiking, baking, and anything having to do with cats!

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Olivia Galluzzo

Change Agent
Olivia is majoring in Environmnetal Studies from southern NH. She enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, soccer, and all things outdoors!

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Aidan McDougall

Change Agent
Aidan is an Environmental Studies major from Maryland right outside DC. She loves spending time outside doing anything from hiking to laying in the grass looking for four leaf clovers!

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Sam Joyner

Outreach Manager
Sam is a Secondary Education major concentrating in Chemistry, Mathematics, Special Education. He enjoys baking, cooking, dogs, sewing, and being outside.

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Julia Grant

Change Agent
Julia is an Elementary Education major from Hinesburg, Vermont. In her free time she enjoys playing tennis, going to the beach, hiking, and playing guitar.

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Abbie Engrassia

Change Agent
Abbie is a Environmental Engineering major from Long Island, New York. She enjoys listening to music, being by the water, and looking for new food to try!

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Ryan Chaia

Change Agent
Ryan is an Enviornmental Studies major from Farmington, Connecticut. Ryan enjoys hands on work like cooking and baking, as well taking care of his community through trash pickup and recycling. He also enjoys physical activities such as biking and swimming. Ryan loves clouds since they help him see better, as well rain and snow for the beautiful ambiance they bring.

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Nora Looney

Performance Manager
Nora is a Health and Society major with minors in Geography and Statistics. In her free time, she loves watching movies, going on walks, reading, spending time outdoors, and being with friends.

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Dennis Koryukin

Change Agent
Back 5
Dennis is an Environmental Studies major from Washington DC. He loves to play music with others and to be outdoors!

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David Brantley

Change Agent
David is an Environmental Studies major. He enjoys reading maps, riding public transit, hiking, biking, caving and paddling.

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Lily Messmer

Change Agent
Lily is majoring in Environmental Science. They enjoy listening to classic rock, playing piano and gardening.

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