Meet the 2022-2023 Team

Find the Eco-Rep for your area below. For general questions contact or the program coordinator, Caylin McCamp.

Eco-Rep Teams

Admin Team

Caylin McCamp
Program Coordinator

Angelica Golbin
Program Lead

Angelica is an environmental science major from Bridgeport, Connecticut. They love eating sweets, making art, and spending time with their friends and family.

Food Team

Nicole Reilly
Topic Lead - Dining Sustainability Manager

Emily Engelhart
Team Lead

Emily is an environmental studies major from a suburb of Sacramento, California. She enjoys hiking, baking, and anything having to do with cats!

Navily Zhen

Navily is an environmental studies major from Philadelphia. She loves to explore new places with her friends, make bead jewelry and journal, and is a huge foodie!

Lexie Bugbee

Lexie is an environmental science major from Falmouth, Maine. She loves backcountry skiing, hiking, reading and upcycling clothes.

Transportation Team

Abby Bleything
Topic Lead - Sustainable Transportation Program Manager

Dennis Koryukin
Team Lead

Dennis is an environmental studies major from Washington, D.C. He loves to play music with others and to be outdoors!

Cil Relland

Cil is an ENVS major and geography minor. She is from Oklahoma City and loves the rain, baking bread, picking flowers and carving sticks.

William Crozier

William is an environmental engineering major from Suffield, Connecticut. He likes music, playing guitar, video games, and hanging out with friends.

Maurah Gorney

Maurah is a civil engineering major from Rockford, Michigan. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and spending time with her friends.

Evelyn Seidner

Evelyn is an environmental tudies major in the Rubenstein school. She is from southern Vermont and loves to hike, Nordic ski, and ride horses.

Waste Team

Corey Berman
Topic Lead - Recycling & Zero Waste Program Manager

Olivia Galluzzo
Team Lead

Olivia is majoring in environmental studies from southern New Hampshire. She enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, soccer and all things outdoors!

Nerida Williams

Nerida is a linguistics major from Chicago. She enjoys playing,  reading, spending time with her dog, and has recently picked up crocheting. After graduation, she plans to pursue higher education and student affairs.

Jacob Brodsky

Jacob is a food systems major from Skokie, Illinois. He enjoys hiking/backpacking, reading, playing guitar and cooking.

Lindsay Renk

Lindsay is an environmental studies major from central Connecticut. She enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her friends and pets (a dog and a cat). She is excited to participate in more outdoor activities in her time at UVM.

Molly Babowal

Molly is from upstate New York. Her biggest passion is rock climbing. In the little time when she's not climbing, she enjoys traveling, making new friends and being creative. Molly is a forestry major and would like to pursue outdoor education after she graduates.

Cy Stavros

Cy is a plant biology major from a suburb of Flint, Michigan. He enjoys reading, vegetarian cooking, live music and hiking!

Alissa Frame

Alissa is an environmental studies major, minoring in writing and food systems. She is from Rochester, New York and in her free time she enjoys reading, gardening, cooking and walking her black lab Bodhi!

Become an Eco-Rep

Want a job that will really make a difference  on campus?  Become an Eco-Rep! 

  • Click to view the Eco-Rep and Team Lead job descriptions. 
  • We usually hire from late spring into the summer for the upcoming academic year and occasionally fill openings throughout the year. Current openings can be found on  JobX
  • All positions are available as both regular paid positions and work study.