The RockOn workshop is the next step beyond BalloonSats. During the workshop, teams of three build a sounding rocket payload from a kit in three days and launch it into space on the sixth day. Since 2008, 702 people have participated in the RockOn workshops and successfully built and launched 226 payloads to space.

A Terrier-Orion sounding rocket carries student payloads during the RockOn workshop. Image Credit: NASA

How to Apply

Application process – closed until Spring 2022

Current Awardees

  • William Harvey - University of Vermont
  • Thomas Sheeleigh, University of Vermont
  • Shawn Cimonetti, University of Vermont

Past Awardees

  • Christian Hirsch, Electrical and Computer Engineering - Norwich University
  • Madeline Long, Electrical and Computer Engineering - Norwich University
  • Joana Athanasi, Mechanical Engineering - Norwich University
  • Emily Oliver, Mechanical Engineering - Norwich University
  • Justin Giaquinto, Mechanical Engineering - University of Vermont