VTSGC Mentored Student Researchers Projects at VT Colleges and Universities

Vermont Technical College

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Vermont Lunar CubeSat Project

Mentors:  Dr. Carl Brandon, CubeSat Director, VTC  and Dr. Peter Chapin, CubeSat Lab Software Director, VTC

CubeSat Flight Control Hardware and Software

Launched November 19, 2013

Mentor: Daniel Turner, Computer Software Engineer, VTC

Saint Michael's College

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Making Use of Quantam Computing: Translating Research Problems in Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization Problem

Mentor: Jermm Hefferon
Student: Samuel Blakely, Mathematics

Synthesis and Catalytic Testing of High Surface Area Strontium Oxide, Barium Oxide and Mixed Metal Oxides to Yield Biodiesel from Wate Phospholipids Procured from Algae

Mentor: David Heroux
Student: Katharine Tooke, Chemistry

Norwich University

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Robotic Mining Competition