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Roles and Responsibilities

Sponsored Project Administration Staff

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Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) reviews and provides institutional endorsement for all proposals to external sponsors, assuring compliance with University policies and sponsor terms and conditions.  

SPA is the institutional authority for the negotiation and acceptance of financial support or other contractually-binding obligations in the form of a contract, grant or agreement.

After an award is made, SPA is responsible for entering an award's accounting information into the University's financial system and for all invoicing, financial reporting and cash management for sponsored projects.  

The office also monitors activities to ensure compliance with appropriate federal, sponsor and University regulations and policies, provides guidance to the University research community on these issues and coordinates sponsored project audit activities.  

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Disseminates funding opportunity information
  • Reviews proposals for compliance with University policies and sponsor proposal guidelines
  • Approves and authorizes submission of proposals on behalf of the institution
  • Provides policy guidance and assistance with all aspects of proposal budget development, administrative forms, sponsor-required certifications and representations, and compliance requirements
  • Reviews, negotiates if required, and approves terms and conditions of award
  • Confirms Principal Investigator acceptance of project terms and conditions
  • Approves and expedites pre-award arrangements, i.e. revised budgets, sponsor requested documentation of regulatory approvals, etc.
  • Coordinates with Office of Technology Commercialization on negotiation and acceptance of intellectual property provisions in sponsored research agreements
  • Maintains database of University-wide proposal and award activity and provide institutional reports
  • Provides tools for electronic submission of proposals
  • Writes and endorses subawards including terms and conditions for additional monitoring, based on risk assessment
  • Confirms approval of regulatory compliance involving humans, animals, recombinant DNA
  • Notifies sponsors of post-award modifications approved under expanded authorities
  • Sets up and maintains award, project and contract information in financial system (PeopleSoft)
  • Prepares invoices
  • Draws cash from letters of credit
  • Prepares interim and final financial reports
  • Manages cash, including:
    • Engages in bank reconciliation activities
    • Deposits and posts sponsor payments
    • Engages in accounts receivable (AR) collections, with assistance from principal investigators as needed
  • Reviews project financial activity for compliance with federal, sponsor, and University policies and regulations
  • Approves cost transfer activities
  • Closes out awards, in conjunction with Principal Investigator and business unit administrator
    • Final financial report
    • AR reconciliation
    • Soft & hard close of award in PeopleSoft
  • Provides guidance and training to research community about financial compliance issues, federal regulations, and award-specific financial terms & conditions
  • Establishes University sponsored project administration policies & procedures
  • Monitors sub-recipients  using risk-based approach
  • Coordinates sponsored project audit activities, including the annual A-133 audit
  • Provides training on sponsored project policies and processes

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