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InfoEd System Upgrade Completed - May 27, 2014

We are pleased to report that the InfoEd upgrade has been successfully completed. Users will be able to access the system starting Wednesday, May 28 at 8 am. This upgrade provided critically important database improvements to update our system infrastructure. Thank you for your patience during the upgrade. Below is a list of the changes that will be visible to users.

IMPORTANT:  Mozilla Settings Changes Required

IMPORTANT:  Internet Explorer Settings Changes Required

  • Internet Explorer users you will want to make these two changes before accessing the upgraded InfoEd system:

My Proposals > Search For  ... THIS IS NOW FIXED - AS OF JUNE 11, 2014
  • There are two known bugs in the My Proposals > Search For browse fields....  
  • Search for > PI box
  • Search For > Investigator box
  • You can no longer simply enter the person's name or part of their name with wildcard (*) to locate records for that person.
  • Instead, you must now use the "Set" button on the right side of that box to pull up the list of people, and then select the name from that list.
  • We recognize this requires several extra steps and we have requested this be fixed so you can just enter the name, or part of the name.
  • We will let users know when this bug is corrected.

My Action Items
  • For those with proposal or protocol review and approval responsibilites, you will see a new look and feel in your Open Action Items list.
  • The functionality is unchanged, but there are more descriptors showing on your screen than in the previous code.  
  • You will now see the following data fields:
    • PI Name
    • Project Title
    • Sponsor
    • Status
    • Assigned To Submission Type
    • Assigned Date
    • And a few others that have

My Projects
  • Until this upgrade, users had the option to either show or hide the "My Projects" tab, which appeared just above the "My Proposals" tab.
  • With this upgrade, we changed the setting to universally to hide this tab from all users, as UVM is not currently using this feature and users are sometimes confused with "My Proposals" with "My Projects."

My Profile > Edit
  • Until this upgrade, User Profiles included a list of 29 tabs to capture data about the user's education, employment, professional associations, publications, etc.
  • However, since UVM is not currently using much of this data, we have universally hidden all but the 7 tabs we actually use, in an effort to streamline the page view for users and to avoid instances where users unnecessarily complete the data fields in those tabs.
  • The remaining 7 tabs are: General, Certifications, Delegates, MD Information, Portal Preferences, Resources and Sponsor Credentials.  

My Profile > Edit > Delegates
  • Until this upgrade, the Delegation feature allowed a user to "delegate" access to his/her records across all modules universally. 
  • With this upgrade, users can more effectively assign delegate access for specific modules, and for specific purposes and processes within modules.
    • UVM InfoEd Modules for Delegation
      • Proposal Development
      • Proposal Tracking
      • Environmental Health and Safety
      • Lab Animals
      • Human Subjects
      • Technology Transfer
    • Delegation Choices within Modules
      • Messages - View or Hide
      • Work Queue - View or Hide
      • Record Access - Edit or View
      • Signing Authority (Routing)
      • Complete Action Items 
      • Batch Communications
      • Routing
      • Action Items
    • SPA will be offering additional training in the near future to help users more effectively use and manage the delegate feature.

Need help?
  • Please contact us if you experience any difficulty in accessing InfoEd.

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