Across the Fence: UVM Watershed Alliance

Published 2012
UVM Watershed Alliance (UVM WA) Coordinator Erin De Vries taught Across the Fence viewers what a watershed is and how middle and high school students can learn more about their home watershed and water quality through UVM WA programming.

Assessing Climate Change Within Lake Champlain (NY,VT, QC)

Published 2016
We evaluate climate change within Lake Champlain using a combination of atmospheric and limnological observations. Long-term monitoring has revealed a summertime warming trend of surface waters of about 0.9°C dec-1. Climate change is an important component in the development of management programs (LCBP, 2015; Zia et al., 2016). However, Lake Champlain is dynamic and large temperature

Bilge Water, Boat Sewage and Gray Water

Published 2013
All boats generate wastewater. Sources include bilge water, marine toilets, and laundry/dishwashing facilities. Please follow the tips on this fact sheet to make sure that you dispose of this wastewater properly.

Boat Maintenance

Published 2013
Do you routinely work on your boat rather than hire others to do the work for you? Do you clean the deck, repaint the hull, and change the oil? If so, here are some important tips to help you protect the waters wherever you boat.

Boat Operation & Fueling

Published 2013
When not operated properly, boats can result in injuries to people and animals, and cause pollution. Considerations should be given when fueling your boat. Consider these tips to make sure your boating activities are safe and protect the environment.