Stormwater Education Methods Training

Lake Champlain Sea Grant will be hosting 2 separate professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers and watershed groups in an effort to best support high quality stormwater education throughout the Lake Champlain basin and Vermont. Information on each of those opportunities is listed below. Please reach out with any questions to Ashley Eaton, akeaton [at] (subject: Stormwater%20Education%20Trainings%20) .  


Training for K-12 Teachers: Stormwater Education Methods (NR 295/395 - 1-3 credits) 

This course will allow teachers to understand the key concepts of a stormwater stewardship curriculum and to be able to effectively implement it with upper elementary, middle and/or high school students. To become familiar with curriculum content, course participants will engage in hands-on learning to understand the definition of, sources of, and impacts of stormwater on surface water bodies. In addition, they will learn uses for and mechanism of operation for a variety of types of green stormwater infrastructure practices. The course will also provide participants with information about opportunities and steps to implement and maintain various green stormwater infrastructure practices. For more information contact: Ashley Eaton, akeaton [at] 


Training for Watershed Groups: Soaking Up Stormwater Workshop (certificates available)

This 2-day workshop is designed specifically for watershed organizations to gain hands-on experience with the Soaking up Stormwater in the Lake Champlain Basin and Beyond curricula. Participants of this workshop will receive a small stipend to implement the Soaking up Stormwater curriculum with a school participating in the Green Schools program. For more information contact: Ashley Eaton, akeaton [at] (subject: Watershed%20Group%20Stormwater%20Training%20)