Research Seminar Series: Increasing Our Understanding of Tile Drainage Hydrology and Phosphorus Losses in Subsurface and Surface Runoff From Farm Fields in the Lake Champlain Basin

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Online - Registration required

Speaker: Joshua Faulkner, Research Assistant Professor in UVM Extension

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Tile drainage is a key strategy that farmers in the Lake Champlain basin are using to adapt to climate change, but our understanding of how tile alters field hydrology and transports phosphorus to surface waters is lacking. Dr. Faulkner's research monitored discharge and phosphorus loss from three tile drainage systems and two surface runoff points intensively for two years. Results include total annual export of phosphorus and nitrogen in tiled fields, an improved understanding of soil matrix and preferential flow pathways, and how rainfall intensity (and climate change) may influence phosphorus transport at the field-scale.    

Joshua Faulkner, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor in UVM Extension and has coordinated the Farming and Climate Change Program in the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture for the past eight years. He conducts applied research on agricultural hydrology, soil health, and water quality and provides technical assistance to farmers and other stakeholders on soil and water management to build climate resilience.  His program currently manages over 20 edge-of-field and watershed monitoring stations across the state of Vermont. 

Participants should expect approximately 30 minutes of presentation, which will be recorded, followed by a facilitated, 30-minute Q&A period.

This seminar is part of the Lake Champlain Sea Grant Seminar Series, and Dr. Faulkner's research project is funded by Lake Champlain Sea Grant.


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