Stormwater management is one of the most pressing issues for resource managers in the cold climate of the Lake Champlain basin with its particular challenges of nutrient runoff from developed lands. Lake Champlain Sea Grant and its partners address management of stormwater impacts in the basin.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Lake Champlain Sea Grant (LCSG) is a leader in green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) or green infrastructure (GI) research and outreach throughout the Lake Champlain basin. LCSG supported research led by University of Vermont researcher Dr. Stephanie Hurley to study bioretention options for their pollutant removal performance. Researchers focused on evaluating how design attributes like soil media and vegetation influenced sediment and nutrient removal, as well as potential capture and/or release of greenhouse gases. The research led to the data-driven updates to the Vermont Stormwater Management Manual in which GSI practices are featured as preferred methods for managing runoff from developed lands.

LCSG partners with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to lead a statewide Green Infrastructure Roundtable. Professionals from academia, design consulting firms, non-profit organizations, state agencies, and municipalities gather to discuss persistent stormwater management concerns and new green infrastructural methodologies to address them. Communication via a GSI listserv educates and informs hundreds of professionals about the newest information on GSI practice and performance to improve water quality. Join the GI Roundtable mailing list.

Learn more about Green Infrastructure in the Lake Champlain basin.

Self-Guided Tours of Green Infrastructure

Tour green stormwater infrastructure by bike or on foot! Lake Champlain Sea Grant has produced bike and walking tour maps of green stormwater infrastructure in four Vermont cities. 

Lawn Care Best Practices

Lake Champlain Sea Grant and its partner organizations have implemented an outreach campaign to encourage homeowners and commercial property owners to use low input lawn care practices to reduce runoff. Learn more about our lawn care best practices.


Lake Champlain Sea Grant partners with BLUE, an innovative program that certifies homes, businesses, and institutions as watershed friendly. Learn more about BLUE.