Knowledge Gained From a Decade of Riparian Restoration

By Lake Champlain Sea Grant Staff
January 25, 2023

Riparian, or wetland, forest restoration is the reclamation of riverbank, streamside, and wetland areas, often by planting buffers of native trees and shrubs to lessen erosion.  

In the January episode of the Restoration Roundup podcast called What We Learned in the Past Decade of Riparian Restoration, hear from Shawn White of Friends of Winooski River, Ron Rhodes of the Connecticut River Conservancy, Mike Kline of Fluvial Matters, and Chris Smith of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These professionals have worked in the field of riparian restoration for at least ten years and have valuable insight into the history and trajectory of restoration methods and research as an emerging and still developing practice.

Join us as we discuss the evolution of habitat science and buffer planting, the onset of new challenges, and the hopes for headwaters and cooperation in the future. Listen to this podcast and many others on Lake Champlain Sea Grant's Watershed Forestry Partnership Restoration Roundup Podcast webpage or find the episode on most podcast streaming platforms.

This episode was produced by Cate Kreider, a University of Vermont undergraduate student majoring in environmental sciences and minoring in reporting and documentary story-telling.

The Restoration Roundup podcast, released on the last Wednesday of each month, is supported by NEIWPCC and the Lake Champlain Basin Program.