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The Rubenstein School manages four forests throughout Vermont: Jericho Research Forest, Talcott Forest and Wolcott Research Forest in northern Vermont and Washington Forest in central Vermont. The forests are used for research and educational activities that involve faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students.

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Jericho Research Forest

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The Jericho Research Forest, located on 476 acres in Jericho, Vermont, is the most widely used of the UVM forests and has a long history of field research and teaching activity that continues today. Many School alumni will recall outdoor class laboratory sessions and summer field courses spent at the forest. The forest comprises a mix of natural stands of northern hardwoods and white pine along with plantations of native and exotic conifers.

Talcott Forest

Students in northern hardwood forest

The 83-acre Talcott Forest in Williston, Vermont contains majestic hemlock stands; northern hardwood stands of beech, birch and maple; and plantations of red and white pine. Its close proximity to the UVM campus makes the forest ideal for Rubenstein School class field laboratories. 

Washington Forest

Logger piling up hardwood logs in forest

The Washington Forest, located on 108 acres in Washington, Vermont, provides a prime teaching example of a classic northern hardwood forest. Beginning in the 1970s, the forest was the site for research on the regeneration and growth of high value hardwoods.

Wolcott Research Forest

Mixed hardwood and conifer stand

The Wolcott Research Forest, a 130-acre property in Wolcott, Vermont, was originally used for genetic and disease research of conifer trees, and many of the planted firs, pines and larches remain among regenerating hardwood trees. More recent research includes silvicultural studies to understand climate adaptation of trees. 

Forest Locations

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