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All transfer students are either required or eligible to live on campus. We look forward to helping you have a successful and positive experience as you join our UVM community.

Can I live on-campus?


New transfer students not yet aged 20 by the first day of classes have a two-semester housing requirement, and are guaranteed housing on-campus. These students must fill out a housing contract once they have submitted their acceptance fee. 


Transfer students age 20+ do not have a housing requirement, and are not guaranteed housing on-campus. These students may request to live on-campus (subject to availability), apply to live in Catamount East, or seek housing off-campus. 

Submitting a Housing Contract

Here's how to submit your housing and meal plan contract:

  1. Activate your UVM NetID  after your admittance to UVM.
  2. After you have paid your acceptance fee, complete a Housing and Meal Plan Contract.
  3. Log in to  and select  the Housing and Meal Plan Contract for the upcoming academic year.
  4. Explore your  Learning Community options  and rank preferences on your contract.
  5. Contact  Student Accessibility Services (SAS)  if you need an ADA housing accommodation.
Requesting Campus Housing

You may request housing, but are not guaranteed space on campus. We guarantee space to all students with an active housing requirement. Based on the current number of students with a Fall 2024 housing requirement, we are expecting almost no housing to be available for students who do not have a housing requirement. Students without a housing requirement are encouraged to look for off-campus housing for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Here's how to request on-campus housing (20+): 

  1. Activate your NetID after your admittance to UVM.
  2. Fill out an On-Campus Housing Request form. 
Catamount East

Catamount East is a brand-new, UVM-managed apartment building reserved for UVM juniors, seniors, and transfer students. Just a short walk from the heart of UVM's campus, Catamount East balances the independence of off-campus life with the resources and support that come with living on-campus.

Learn more about Catamount East

Living Off-Campus

We have a number of amazing partners both on and off campus who are here to help you find housing in the Burlington Community. We strongly recommend starting the search sooner than later. UVM's Office of Student and Community Relations are your best resource for help in finding off-campus housing. Their Moving Off-Campus Guide will serve as your guide to finding the perfect spot. 

Questions about off-campus housing? Email