group of volunteers at the Spring Move Out Project, students from Upward Bound working with residents from the Burlington Health and Rehab Center, and staff working with neighbors to build a raised garden bed on Isham Street

Find housing, build community, and manage your household.

Getting ready to move off campus? Already living in an apartment, but looking for some support in solving a problem? Look no further! Read on for more information about finding an apartment and living well off campus.

Finding a Place to Live

Office of Student & Community Relations

  • Check out the Off-Campus Housing Database, which is where UVM students, staff, and faculty can find rental listings. UVM affiliates only can post sublet ads, and use roommate forums.
  • Check out UVM affiliate housing options from UVM's Real Estate Operations Office.
  • Attend an Off-Campus Living Workshop to learn more about what to look for in an apartment, and which major red flags to avoid - or, check out our online workshop, coming Spring 2018!
  • Contact our office via email to receive a copy of our Housing Resource Sheet, which has the contact information for local property groups.

Managing Off-Campus Living Challenges

Office of Student & Community Relations

  • Our office provides conflict resolution services and can make referrals for managing health and safety related housing or interpersonal issues that may arise. Contact our office via email or by phone at 802-656-9405 and we will be happy to talk through possible solutions.
  • NOTE: If you or someone you know are experiencing an emergency health or safety issue, contact local emergency services by dialing 911. 

City of Burlington

  • Burlington's Code Enforcement office can help resolve any existing housing code violations in your apartment once an inspection is completed. You can schedule an inspection by calling their office at 802-860-0442.
  • Vermont Tenants is a local non-profit that provides free information and referral services about landlord and tenant issues by phone or through in-person counseling. Give them a call at 802-864-0099 for help understanding leases, security deposits, and more. You can also consult their Definitive Guide to Renting In Vermont for additional information about local ordinances. 

Other UVM Resources

  • If you have any urgent safety concerns for yourself or another member of the UVM community, you can submit a CARE form to the Dean of Students Office.
  • Student Legal Services will conduct free lease reviews and can provide legal advice related to off-campus housing issues - you can contact student legal services via email or by phone at 802-656-437-.

Building Community Off-Campus

Office of Student & Community Relations

  • Consider applying for a Neighborhood Grant through our office and receive up to $500 to help fund a project on your block that benefits student and non-student neighbors - past projects include the annual Fletcher Place Block Party, the Buell Street Community Garden, neighborhood clean-ups on Isham Street, and more. For more information, send us an email at

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