Step 1: Complete the housing and meal plan contract.


The 2024-2025 contract will be open February 12 through March 10, 2024 for current students required to live on campus. Based on the current number of students with a Fall 2024 housing requirement, we are expecting no housing to be available for students who do not have a housing requirement. Students without a housing requirement are encouraged to look for off-campus housing for the 2024-2025 academic year.

1. Login to

Click "Login" on the green navigation bar.
Select blue box at bottom: UVM - STUDENT SSO LOGIN
Enter your UVM NetID and password.
Select “Academic Year Housing Application."
Then  select  “2024-2025 Housing & Meal Plan Contract.”

2. Review General Information and Lifestyle and update as needed. Indicate if you want gender-inclusive housing (optional).

3. Review Terms & Conditions.

4. Review and update room style preferences.

5. Review  meal plan options  and then select one in the contract (All Access, All Access Plus, Flex Plan, or Retail Points).

6. Sign and submit your housing and meal plan contract.

Step 2:  Participate in the Room Selection process.

1. Shortly before your room selection event, we'll email you information with complete details on how and when to select your room.

2. Roommate groups will go first, followed by individual room selection. Your room selection time will be assigned randomly.

3. Students who have mutually preferenced each other as roommates on their contracts will receive details on how to choose a room together.


Step 3: You're All Set!

You've completed the room selection process. If you are seeking a room change or body-for-body swap, please note that we are unable to process those requests until students return to campus in August. Please review our Room Changes page and the accordion at the bottom of this page for more information.
Good luck with the rest of the semester and enjoy your summer!

More Information

Learning Community Locations

In Fall 2024, all returning students will be placed in one of these eight Learning Communities, or the Honors College and LASP housing. Please note: At this time, these locations are tentative and subject to change.

  • Arts and Creativity:  Hunt, McCann, Ready, Richardson, Sichel
  • Global Connections:  Living/Learning A, B, C, D, E
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship:  Simpson, Mason, Hamilton
  • Leadership and Social Change:  Wright, Patterson, Christie
  • Outdoor Experience:  Coolidge, Redstone, Slade, Wilks, Wing
  • Sustainability:  Harris, Millis
  • Wellness Environment:  Converse
  • Gaming Collective:  Jeanne Mance

Preferencing a Roommate

Things to keep in mind:

  • You cannot preference roommate(s) until they have opened and begun to edit their contract.
  • Returning students can create roommate groups of two or three individuals.
  • Roommate pairs may choose double or triple rooms. If a roommate pair is placed in a triple room, the third space will be available for another student.

To preference roommate(s):

  • On your housing and meal plan contract, enter the NetID  (e.g. jsmith)  of the person you wish to room with.
  • If you requested gender-inclusive housing, your roommate preference must have also chosen gender-inclusive housing (you can go back and edit that page until the contract closes).
  • Your intended roommate(s) must also preference you the same way.
  • ​Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added or broken apart after the contract closes on March 10, 2024.

Room Change Requests

Students who are interested in changing their housing assignment have two options, Body for Body Swaps and Room Swaps. Both of these processes begin in the Fall semester. Please review our Room Changes page for more detailed information.

If you are planning to swap your space with another student (body-for-body swap), please note that we will not be processing these requests this semester (Spring 2024). We anticipate that body-for-body swaps will take place when students return to campus in August. These will be processed by your Office Manager(s). Please plan to collect all roommate consents in advance in one email chain to share with your Office Managers, and eligible swaps will take place once students are “in person”.

Students who plan to request a room change may do so after the add/drop deadline of 9/9. The Room Change Request form will be available in your housing portal at that time.

Please be sure to check your UVM email for Residential Life updates.

Disability Accommodations

Accommodation requests are handled through  Student Accessibility Services  and  must be renewed each academic year. Please contact them by  February 22, 2024  for best consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a specific location?
A: On your housing contract, you will be able to rank your LC choices, and will have the opportunity to select your room after you've submitted your contract.

Q: I want to live with my friend. How can I pick a room with a preferred roommate?
A: On your housing contract, enter the NetID (e.g., jsmith) of the person you wish to room with. Your intended roommate must also preference you the same way. Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added after the contract closes. Mutual roommates will be emailed all the details about how to choose a room together.

Q: Can I sign up for a suite with my friends?
A: No sorry, you cannot. You can only sign up for a room with one or two roommates (as long as you preferenced each other on the contract). If you do sign up for a room in a suite, the other rooms within the suite are open to others who may wish to choose there.

Q: I'm currently studying abroad. How do I get a room for the fall semester?
A: You must return to campus in the fall if you are currently studying abroad (or will be during spring semester), but have not yet completed your four-semester residency requirement (even when counting semesters spent abroad). If you are required to be on campus in the fall, you are eligible to participate in the spring room selection process if you complete a contract by the deadline. You will then receive all room selection emails sent to on-campus students. If you are unable to submit a contract or participate in room selection, submit a housing request at

Q: Can I get a single room?
A: Although very limited, some single rooms are available during room selection.

Q: Can I just stay in my current room for next year?
A: No, sorry... we cannot guarantee that you will be able to return to your current room for next year. However, it may be available for you to choose again during room selection.

Q: What happens if I miss the deadline to choose my room?
A: If you are required to live on campus, we'll contact you after room selection has ended and assign you to an available space. If you are not required to live on campus, housing is not guaranteed and you'll need to submit a housing request at

Q: What if I plan to become a resident advisor (RA)?
A: If you are required to live on campus next year, you must complete a contract and participate in room selection. If you accept an RA position after you've already chosen space, we'll automatically transfer your assignment to your RA room.

Q: What if I need a specific housing accommodation because of a disability?
A: All ResLife housing accommodation requests are handled through the Student Accessibility (SAS) office, and must be renewed each year. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for a housing accommodation and documentation is required. Contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) as soon as possible for the best consideration.